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Calcio Monza, the most beautiful movie of the year ever

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It’s impossible to fix Calcio Monza’s 2022 in one picture. Best year ever – as CEO Adriano Galliani rightly defined it – it will go to the attic in a few hours, for example Really need a movie Let’s tell them about it for the red and white fans.

An event that is already history – or the first act of the script, as the cinematic comparison goes – it certainly is On the evening of May 29. In the dramatic – sporting – match in Pisa, there is a summary of a red and white story that is more than a hundred years old: the dizzy in the abyss of the two goals conceded in the first 9 minutes of the match, the tired and sweaty running. -up, the new hype of the 90th minute and the ghosts of all time reappeared to block the path towards Serie A. Looks like a sequence we’ve already seen, But this time it ends differentlywith the blows of Maroni and Getkyar and the punch into the sky by Giovanni Stroppa dispelled a curse seen in many Italian cities – from Modena to Lecce, from Pisa itself to Bologna – and unleashed A party that even the uninitiated will be able to forget.

The protagonist of the movie Red and White earned a comparison with The Best: The Second Act Begins.

Impact with the Italian league is not easy, the distance seems unbridgeable. But this is the cinematic turning point: at the price of breaking with the past – or rather, a change in the technical manual – and with the unexpected arrival of an assistant – Raffaele Palladino – Monza knocks out its most famous rival. Getker split crushes Juventus And his wide-armed opening is a statement of a dream no one wants to interrupt.

Monza Juventus

The romantic and sentimental syllable could not be missing: Monza hugs Matteo Pessina againthe return in red and white of a kid who grew up wearing a 1912 jersey who had already become a hero but chose to “come home” to take another step into adult life.

Pescina Galliani

right Now The third and final chapter has yet to be writtenThe hero of the film has grown, matured, and changed after going through the ups and downs of the tournament.

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What is the end they have prepared for us President Berlusconi and CEO Adrian Galliani? All that remains is to wait for January to find out: Fiorentina, Inter and Juventus in Turin twice …

Happy New Year Monza Football!

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