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Ian is young and unpublished on the special Dragoniro – Le Spazio Bianco

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While it was announced that the anime series will be shown for Black Dragonmade by SBE In collaboration with Rai, at Lucca Comics & Games 2022, Speciale arrives on newsstands kingdom of wolves.

An album awaited for various reasons: the release enriches an already fruitful period, which is already calculating the volume Underworld without soulIn the Library, Summer Edition the forgotten Coming and always in the regular series, opening a new cycle with hate daysby following one of the just concluded undead.

To the abundance of Dragonerian products added, come on kingdom of wolvesdrawings Massimo Dal Olioa rare author who is also appreciated in Japan, for his exemplary manga style, while plotting Luca Enoch Focuses on a period in Ian’s life that has been little explored thus far, but with potential to be discovered.

kingdom of wolves The events take place as the young protagonist, after leaving Senzanima, plays among the Imperial Raiders, and presents an exciting classic adventure, including ENOC deals with various issues: From the defense of tradition, to the freedom of uses and customs, to the complex relationship between truth andDragoniro Special 10_tav 1 justice. Between battles in the sky, aerial infiltration, and a good dose of violence, raiders are called upon to solve an attack on a fortified monastery.

The screenwriter initially draws Ian more comfortable than the mature version of the month, but at the same time he is resolute and aware of his abilities. As his shoulder is Leyll, a stereotypical character at times but worthy of further study, perhaps in the future, who acts as a guardian angel.

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Not surprisingly, given the authors’ careful attention to continuity, the links with the regular chain are found in kingdom of wolvesin particular the episode that anticipates the causes of hatred between Chancellor Osover and Ian and some positions that lay the ideological foundations for the future Romefarlo rebellion.

Dall’Oglio’s work is precious and the style looks refined and refined, to be kept in the field and respected Dragonero 10_tav Special 2

for the last work on sky piratesregister Nathan never written by Sergio Masperi lament Federico Mimolla.

To enhance the graphics, there is the color first used by the designer and made in digital watercolor with the help of Nicolas Dessau. From the first tables, which suggest a chase among snow-capped mountains, you can feel the care given to coloring, with kinetic lines that blend with the graphics and get lost in the clouds, bringing back a sense of freedom and speed. Hawk, Flying Machines for Technocrats.

The construction of the network plays between the symmetries typical of Bonelli’s comics and the more oriental contrasts, to adapt to the rhythm of the story, thus able to satisfy both fans of Bonelli’s style and younger readers of the manga. Perhaps this was the purpose of the publishing house in Via Buonarroti in proposing that, in addition to the animated series, record as kingdom of wolves: Attract an audience of girls and boys.

We talked about:
Dragoniro special n. 10 – Kingdom of the Wolves
Luca Enoch, Massimo Dal Oglio
Sergio Bonelli Editor, July 2022
128 pages, paperback, color – 7.90 €
ISSN: 977238485600920010

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