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Fallout TV series, there is finally a date: the director is very popular

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We’ve had a year of absolute silence but it looks like the TV series coming to Amazon Prime Fallout is going to be over and there are big names on its head.

The TV series based on the dystopian nuclear world of Fallout will begin production this year. It is clearly a product that has a hand Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks who will collaborate with Amazon Studios and Kilter Films. After all, there would have been no repercussions without Bethesda, even if someone later wanted the team to stay a mile from their creature.

This year’s Fallout TV series: The director is very popular (Photo: Bethesda)

Date Games will resume Although there are currently no details on how and to what extent the dystopian universe created by Bethesda will be made into a TV series. At the moment, the statements of those involved are enthusiastic. Among these people there Names from the top file. Open war is taking shape on The Witcher.

The Fallout TV series, the show’s host is Captain Marvel

the TV series Inspired by the cataclysmic universe, it’s a retro kind of Fallout poised to reveal claws. Ever since Amazon Studios announced to the world in the summer of the last couple of years they’ve managed to bring the deal home Bethesda Many waited for news of the transaction and any actors and directors to arrive.

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About what there should be Date There are still zero details but we now know that the duo he composed is writing the script Geneve Robertson-Doret and Graham Wagner. Particularly interesting is the selection of Robertson-Dorret who was a co-writer of the film dedicated to him Captain Marvel And Tomb Raider in 2018. As a director, at least for the pilot, there has to be Jonathan Nolan, The director of the pilot as well as some of the main episodes of the series produced by HBO Westworld. So we’re really in excellent hands especially in terms of managing stories with a mix of different timelines.

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Amazon Studios has announced the start of work on the Fallout series by posting a small video on Twitter who took nearly 18,000 small hearts. It’s interesting, however, that many fans, who were clearly influenced by the way Bethesda ended up handling the Fallout series, expressed skepticism about the quality of this new product in somewhat creative ways. One message in particular really made us laugh as it is.”Quick question from a worried fan: Will there be bugs? Will I have to pay for a modification? Will I have to pay to watch it privately with friends even if it’s not private? Are you leaving with a suitcase?We are a little more confident and are waiting for the news.

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