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“I was afraid I couldn’t play football anymore”

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Alexandre Patou is naked, open-hearted and frank. She does so through a first-person story, entrusted to “The Players Tribune.” (here is the integrated widget), where he speaks freely about football, life, problems, paths and faith. These are his words on injuries: “Do you know how much I struggled to try to get back? I’ve traveled the world. I’ve seen every doctor worth visiting – and others. A doctor in Atlanta put me upside down while my reactions weren’t in line with my muscles. A doctor in Germany injected fluids.” all over my back – the next day i was walking around munich airport stooped in pain. the doctor sewed me 20 needles every morning and every night. i could carry on. i was seeing doctor 6,7,8,…every one of them said something different. I was thinking, man, what do I have? I am still crying. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to play football anymore. That’s why I went to Corinthians in January 2013. Yes, I wanted to go to the World Cup in 2014 “But I also wanted to work with Bruno Mazzotti, Ronaldo’s physiotherapist. Once I got there, they removed a muscle from my arm this is a biopsy. I was lying in bed shivering in pain. After 20 days they found that some of my muscles had shortened due to injuries.” I had more muscle tissue in the front of my leg than my back.My whole body was out of balance.Thank God Bruno got me back in shape.Since 2013 I think I only had three muscle injuries.”

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