June 4, 2023

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I am against you filming the fifth film: the first piece of information

Me Against You working on the fifth movie! When will the Jungle Quest sequel come out and what will it say? Here’s what we know.

never I am against you Am I already working on the fifth movie? The last movie titledJungle missionraised nearly five million euros, and they were actually already going to work on it The fifth film of the saga. But when will it be released and what will it be? At the moment, there is very little information and the rumors circulating are the result of hypotheses. Let’s try to sort things out and see what we know.

The movie is definitely in the works, given that its official website filmitalia.org He presented it under development, confirming Gianluca Luzzi (director of the previous four seasons of the saga) as director. According to the Cinemotore portal, then, the The movie will be shot from Mayfor five weeks in Rome.

Let’s take care of plot. As we told you at the beginning, there is nothing official, but there are well-founded hypotheses, which arise from the conclusion of the Jungle Quest. (Depression warning) At the end of the fourth film, Perfidia reappears, always evil, and invites Viperiana to join her in creating Maleficent’s alliance that aims to destroy Me against you and the entire world. Pongo was also turned into Professor Cattivius. Together they go “too far” (maybe in the future?) and force Luì and Sofì (appointed by Pesantosi “mission chiefs against alliances of mischievous people”) into a new mission (along with Tara, Ajar, and one that is supposed to be narrated in the new movie). (since there must also be Mr. S – recruited by Perfidia).

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about the Possible addressso it can be assumedThe movie “Me Against You” – Alliance of EvilFor theatrical distribution, on the other hand, the film is more likely to be shown in January 2024.

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