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Hybrid wood and pellet stove: This way you can really save money

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The combined wood and wood stove allows you to save a lot on the fuel price thanks to its hybrid use of wood and pellets.

A combined use stove of pellets and wood allows those with one to burn pellets or wood instead.

Let’s learn more about how a hybrid pellet and wood stove works, and see how much it costs to install and operate.

Pellet and built-in wood stove: what it is and how it works

It looks like a simple stove that releases its heat by radiation, but it’s actually much more than that.

The combined use of wood and pellets allows for significant fuel savings.

Now that pellets have seen their price increase for several months, the pellet stove has become very expensive for fuel, and it is not known if reducing the VAT on wood biomass will solve the pellet price problem.

A combined pellet and wood stove can solve the problem upstream, because where one fuel is not available, the other burns.

A wood- and pellet-fired stove works with both types of fuel, which alternate in the work of the stove according to its availability in the combustion chamber.

If there are no pellets, the stove will run with wood, and if there is no wood, it will burn the remaining pellets.

What’s more, with the advent of domains on recently constructed home systems, the built-in wood and pellet stove can be operated remotely or automatically, with a simple command given by the app on your mobile phone.

Hybrid wood and pellet stove installation price

Buying a built-in pellet stove – A wood-burning stove can allow you to save a lot of fuel, even if its price is not among the lowest.

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In 2022, the price of a 15 kg bag of pellets is 15 euros, and in some cases even more.

In 2023, this cost will decrease, as the VAT on pellets has been reduced to 10%, but it is assumed that it will not yet reach the levels it was in the years prior to 2022.

On the other hand, wood for the stove costs about 10/12 euros per quintal and therefore can really save a lot on the purchase of fuel.

Thus, a built-in wood and wood stove can save a lot in the long run, making it possible to amortize the high cost of the system over time.

A combined pellet and wood stove costs between 2,000 and 6,000 euros, and the heating system can feed the radiators and can also be used for hot water.

For these reasons, a combined wood and pellet stove can be an excellent way to save fuel, without losing the efficiency of your heating system.

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