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How to incentivize sustainable mobility thanks to civic science

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Prof. report Christian Yayon – Luiss Msc Law Director Digital Innovation & Sustainability – at MobilitARS 2022, It happened Created by Bikenomist in collaboration with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, it has taken on an issue Civics as a means to stimulate sustainable mobility.

Reggio Emilia Innovation Lab

“Reggio Emilia is a huge field for innovation and learning”Iaione confirms. Thanks to civil science, it is possible to experiment with innovative solutions to achieve sustainable development goals, such as the goal of climate neutrality by 2030.

innovative solutions

Among the innovative solutions, one of them aims for example to create the first energy community within the municipality of Reggio Emilia, one of the first in Italy: “Transforming buildings into places of self-production and energy sharing and through this also creating mechanisms for the sustainability of local services”Iaione points out.

Another that will be destined to continue the work that Reggio Emilia started now more than 6 years ago: Citizenship workshopsOrganizing Democracy and Urban Justice; Partnerships for the sustainable development of the districts and neighborhoods to be established within the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

Stimulating sustainable mobility

Collective work, a common heritage: “City Science Office: Data Science, also thanks to the creation of platforms that collect mobility and seek to stimulate sustainable mobility”this is an essential aspect according to Iaione.

There is a problem of climate justice: it is a matter of social and economic inequality. Sustainable mobility is, in many cases, the prerogative of only certain social groups or only of certain realities / cities / regions: we would therefore like, through this project, to combat these inequalities and try to ensure that all citizens are able to participate from these innovation processes for the sake of sustainability “Iaione points out.

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Impact counters

Ultimately, thanks to these tools, it is possible to create impact counters to show how sustainable mobility can allow savings for public administration. Hence, the expectation that these saved resources will be reinvested in sustainable mobility projects.

In conclusion, Iaione explains Reggio Emilia’s role in civil science and experimentation: “There are no tools but the first thing is to experiment, experiment and experiment with the citizens and the city of Reggio Emilia, I think, on a national but also European level, is a beacon”.

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