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How to get Pixel 6 Google Camera on your smartphone

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From several years Now in the world of Android, there is always the possibility to use google camera Even on devices that are not pixelated, thanks to the many ports I made different Third party developers.

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There is all this spread because Google Camera presents objectively Better experience In terms of photographic performance, especially thanks to processing algorithms It was developed by Google.

In the past few hours, a new update It is one of the most popular and widespread Google Camera ports. This is based on the latest version of the official Google Camera app corresponding to the build 8.5.300 It was already issued to me pixels from Google. Among the novelties we find the latest updates to the graphical interface and many bug fixes.

there Compatibility However, it is unlocked for all Android models. You can check it by following these steps:

  1. Check API Support camera 2 with This app
  2. I installed Google Play Services. In the absence of these, you can use Micro G or Gcam service provider

to me Complete list of all compatible devices With Google Camera Transfer you can refer to official site intended for transportation. Find the link directly below.

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