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How to fill out the instructions on the invoice or receipt

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Frequently asked questions have been posted on the portal of the healthcare card system, i.e. answers to frequently asked questions, regarding operating instructions to be followed in order to transmit information regarding psychiatrist’s bonus and spectacles in healthcare expenses.

on me Health card system portal have been published questions and answersthat is, answers to frequently asked questions, regarding the operating instructions to be followed for the transmission of information related to Psychologist and extra glasses in health costs.

Let’s see together how to prepare the invoice or receipt to be sent.

Glasses and Psychologist Bonus: How to fill in the instructions on the invoice and receipt


instructions onPrepare the invoice or receipt to be sent. In fact, along with the health expenses useful for the processing of the tax return collected in advance, it is also necessary to convey the information related to this type of facility, and therefore clarifications are required regarding the data to be included in the invoice or receipt relating to psychotherapy sessions or the purchase of glasses or contact lenses .

The invoice must be issued for documentation Lender’s total feethat is, the value of the service, bearing in mind that the consideration of the professional, who participates in calculating the volume of business and revenue, is the sum of the various items of expense the total remuneration and that the latter only constitute a form of payment.

What should be included in the invoice or receipt

From a practical point of view, psychologists and optometrists must send the invoice or receipt to the TS system for the total amount of the session or purchase to which the psychiatrist’s remuneration or glasses applies with the following distinction:

  • amount It is paid directly by the taxpayer;
  • amount Bonus element.
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Psychiatrist’s Reward is a procedure aimed at those who undergo a course of psychotherapy. The bonus can be claimed by all those who submit a ISEE less than 50 thousand euros The voucher amount varies according to income.

What is the reward for glasses?

The glasses bonus consists of a one-time contribution of €50 for those who own a ISEE income is less than 10 thousand euros.

The procedure covers expenses incurred between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2023 for the purchase of medical glasses and contact lenses and is disbursed in the form of invoice Or, for those who’ve already paid for it, how reimbursement.

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