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How to answer calls even without the phone, it’s very simple

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If you have WhatsApp and you also use it daily for calls, know that there is a convenient and effective way for you to answer without using the phone. Here’s everything you need to know about it

today again, The WhatsApp It is considered messaging platform Number one in the world. A success built over the years also and above all thanks to the work done by the developer team. The functions are many, some of them indispensable and some of them “side”.

A quick and effective way to answer calls on WhatsApp without having the phone in hand (Adobe stock)

In addition to messages and voice notes, one of the much appreciated aspects of the service is the possibility of calling and video calling. They know it well Also from meta parts, While work has been in progress for some time to expand the number of users who can connect to a call at the same time. But did you know that it is possible? Answer even without the phone in your hands?

Answer WhatsApp calls without a phone, here’s how

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Just take advantage of the web app available on both PC and Mac, and that’s it (Adobe Stock)

If you usually call or answer calls via The WhatsAppKnow that there is a quick and effective way to do it all Without the phone in your hands. Have you ever heard of WhatsApp Web? It is a useful and official application available for free For PC and Mac. All you have to do is download the service and associate it with your account. There is also the possibility to continue with the browser, by typing WhatsApp online in the search bar. But in this second case, Calls are not available yet.

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Once you download the program to your computer and connect your personal account, you will easily understand what you need to do to respond. The interface is actually the same in every respect on the smartphone application. Simply open a single or group conversation, and in the top bar, in addition to contact information, you’ll find keys to start a call or video call. On the other hand, if it was others who called you, all you have to do is click the button to respond. Nothing could be simpler, in a few seconds you can talk to your contacts without having the phone in your hands. The trick is free and not everyone uses it, although it is an obvious method Under anyone’s eyes.

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