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How is the weather Concetta Di Gregorio vs. Netanyahu: “Towards annihilation”

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The truce talks in Cairo have ended, and it is still unclear what the possible scenarios are in the Middle East or how things are going between Israel and Hamas. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country was “ready to conclude a truce to release the kidnapped,” but added: “We cannot accept the withdrawal from Gaza.” This was the topic that Fabio Fazio brought to the table on Che tempo che fa, the information and current affairs program broadcast on Sundays in November. Concetta Di Gregorio has clear ideas about the war that broke out between Tel Aviv and the political and paramilitary Islamic group. He said at the beginning of his speech that Netanyahu’s line “does not enjoy the support of a large part of the country.”

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The Israeli Prime Minister, according to the journalist, “wants to go down in history. He wants to go down in the history books as the man who defeated Hamas.” Netanyahu said that the October 7 Hamas attack “was not a Holocaust, not because of a lack of intent to annihilate us, but because of a lack of capacity,” stressing that the Palestinian terrorist group had “the same intent” to wipe us out. With the Nazi Jewish people. “In the meantime, he must certainly repatriate the hostages. Israel’s response, compared to what happened on October 7, goes far beyond simply responding to an unspeakably criminal act of terrorism. It goes further than that.” “So much: it goes in the direction of annihilating the population.” , the civilian population,” Di Gregorio continued. “In this sense, Netanyahu is alone,” he concluded. He is alone in the face of history. “Support from the United States continues to arrive, but he has nothing to lose.”

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