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House upside down in Jesolo Science Factory

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The immersive adventure is ready to discover the secrets of science in the new exhibition “The Science Factory”. The Lido di Jesolo interactive educational creme, intended for families and school groups, reopened its doors on 10 Saturday 19 February at the headquarters in Via Aquileia (in front of Pala Invent) with a new flagship: “House Resiliente” of 60 square meters, where visitors will fancy re- life upside down the normal activities they normally go through at home. Visitors will be transported to another reality starting with the kaleidoscope room that precedes it, which features a mirrored floor and ceiling.

living upside down

Among the novelties, there are also 10 new VR viewers connected to the “High-tech Totem” to visually experience the experiences of discovering the most mysterious cosmic formations, entering nebulae, and discovering how black holes or planets of the solar system are formed. Show visitors a live floating experience in astronomical space. Then there’s the Magic Board where kids can recreate the manual skills of drawing with pencils, crayons and markers and then animate and digitize them in 3D thanks to a scanner and artificial intelligence.

The fair will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 18, while during the carnival period from February 26 to March 3, the fairs will open in Piazza Brescia “La Fabbrica della Scienza” and “Tropicarium Park” every day at the same time. With custom events calendar. “We created a ‘flexible house’ with my staff to convey a message of hope and positivity to all, – explains gallery owner, Monica Montellato – taking the definition from architecture: a residence with the ability to host and adjust itself by responding to the needs of the people who live there, in This case, two parents and two children, but deliberately upside down, with a sympathetic interpretation of some of the inconsistent aspects of current life we ​​face after lockdown and restrictions.The home story tells of an Italian family who chose a comfortable two-room apartment to reduce post-pandemic costs.In fact, There is no shortage of artistic references in the furnishings, in Wallace-style paintings, but also everyday details and design in wooden furniture by Minetto Expert Furniture in Jesolo, as well as references to potential economic hardships on the board where unpaid items are marked and invoices due paying off “.

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