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“Hospitality widespread” under the starry sky

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Gall Hussein Astronomical Park, the highest observatory in Italy, is located in a town with a population of a thousand. Already 10 owners have provided a vacant house for the project

A story between nature, science and hospitality that comes from Isnello, a suggestive little village Madoni Center in Sicily It is famous for “the most beautiful starry sky in Italy”. Recognition formalized by an international certificate Starlight Stellar Park to heaven with Less impact of light pollution. Isnello is located in the heart of Madonie, in the province of Palermo, and is the seat of An important astronomical centero (Active since 2016, becoming a reference point for scientific research and publication). in a part of the village In the area of ​​Fontana MitriThere is, in fact, the Gal Hussain Astronomical Park. It is the highest observatory in Italy, embracing the entire Mediterranean Sea and allowing a 360-degree immersion in the world of astronomy with the most modern structures and sophisticated high-tech instruments. Isnello’s ‘large-scale hospitality’ initiative launched.

A village with a population of 1,000 people

With a population of only 1,000, the village is located near famous places such as Cefalù and Castelbuono, and aims to grow in the dimension of cultural tourism. Mayor Marcelo Catanzaro and his council have developed the project of “widespread hospitality” which is needed Nature, culture, science and hospitality. «The idea – says Luciana Cusimano, consultant for culture, youth policies and tourism services – was born withEuropean University of Tourism in Cefalù under which we have drawn up a Memorandum of Understanding providing for the creation of a community cooperative with free access, which has the advantage of having a solidarity purpose, unlimited duration, and the opportunity to implement projects related to environmental sustainability.” They have already joined the initiative. dozens of owners. The house will serve as a reception with breakfast spaces and at the moment the other apartments will be able to provide about thirty beds. The houses are ready.” For a small municipality, this also means enhancing development prospects, Preserving and enhancing the community identity. Many villages in Sicily fight depopulation, there are mayors who have thought of “houses for 1 euro” that attract national and international attention, Isnello’s management focuses on hospitality on a large scale to make vacant properties available to visitors and at the same time make it profitable.

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