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Horizon Forbidden West, the evolution of combat and enemies told by Guerrilla –

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With a long PlayStation blog post dedicated to Forbidden horizon west, the new PS5 and PS4 exclusives coming out in February, the guys at Guerrilla Games talk to us about how combat system It evolved into the sequel, providing more possibilities for players. At the same time, the enemies will be more diverse and they will have More accurate artificial intelligence, so cunning disposition will be more important.

As combat designer Charles Perrin explains, Horizon Forbidden West has significantly improved combat mechanics compared to Zero Dawn, which will give More freedom for players About how to approach various kinds of enemies.

Aloy is a shrewd and agile fighterPerrin says.In Horizon Forbidden West, the tools at his disposal offer a variety of tactics to engage physically stronger opponents, from armored humans to massive machines.

Changes made to battles do not change Aloy’s identity. First and foremost, we wanted to deepen the gameplay and reward players’ skills with new features such as melee combos and valiant charges. By spending time perfecting your fighting skills, you can find more effective and amazing ways to get rid of the enemies. Second, we wanted to adapt different gameplay styles to increase freedom of choice. With new weapons and new outfits to upgrade at workbenches, players can adapt their tactics. Finally, we wanted to create tough enemies that would encourage players to use their entire skill repertoire. New machines and highly advanced human enemies will continue to level up throughout the game!

At the same time, theenemy AI It will now have more ways to react to the player’s actions and even to the characteristics of scenarios.

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We made enemies more realistic by giving them smoother and more realistic movements, for example when they (or fellow Aloys) traverse uneven terrainSenior AI programmer Arjen Page says.The AI ​​in Horizon Zero Dawn was already able to dynamically adapt to the formation of the terrain, but now its behavioral actions also include the ability to jump and climb. During the game the AI ​​is able to search for shortcuts, whereas in the past it was limited to making long detours. ”

Another example is the fact that many machines can now swim and even dive to follow Aloy underwater. Amphibious enemies can also dive in or out of the water with jumps that, if we are not lucky, can be combined with attacks.

One of the new machines from Horizon Forbidden West

In the Forbidden West of Horizon Forbidden West, there are new machines to contend with, some of which we’ve already seen in action in previous trailers, but also hostile human tribes. Battles against this kind of opponents may not have been one of the most successful aspects of Horizon Zero Dawn, but for the supplemental part, Guerrilla Games has made several changes to make it more interesting and attractive.

We wanted battles against humans to be as deep and satisfying as those against machines, spiega Richard OudFor this, we have enriched the combat system and added more variety to the range of possible confrontations with human opponents. Players can engage them in any style they prefer, from long-range or close-range combat. Alternating between these different styles has allowed us to include several transition animations that are smooth and responsive.

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Al-Oud explains that there will be new mechanisms in the fight against humans. One of these, for example, is “resonant explosion“.

Resonant Blast rewards players who perform combos with a spear: every time Aloy lands with a melee attack, the resonator in her spear builds up energy. This charge can be fired at the enemy and remain attached to his body for a short time. If we can hit it with an arrow before it melts, the charge will explode, doing massive damage! This mechanism creates a deep synergy between close and medium combat, encouraging players to seamlessly alternate between the two approaches.. ”

Of course, it will also be important to properly equip Aloy and meticulously study the enemies.

There are many ways in which players can prepare for combatPerrin says.Equip Aloy with the most effective outfits and weapons, for example, or use the workbench to upgrade equipment and unlock rewards, perks, and ammo types.

As in Horizon Zero Dawn, the scanning mechanism is useful for highlighting opponents’ weaknesses and their movement actions. Then it is important to make potions and keep the bags well stocked in case things turn out for the worse. Finally, new scenario exploration tools can be combined with combat mechanics to perform amazing action!

Find the new PlayStation blog post dedicated to Horizon Forbidden West to this address. It is a long but particularly interesting read where, in addition to the above topics, we also talk about the construction of his organs and how they are studied in every detail to represent the animals that were authentically inspired by them.

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We remind you that Horizon Forbidden West will be available starting from February 18 2022 Exclusively for PS5 and PS4. Guerrilla Games also recently talked about the new settings for Forbidden West.

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