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Homemade pedicure becomes an unforgettable experience with this simple tip for super soft feet

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Feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. They are always in contact with shoes and are subjected to daily stress that can destroy them and make them unattractive.

That is why it is always important to take care of the skin of our feet all year round. We should always remove dead skin and keep the skin moisturized to avoid the appearance of calluses and calluses.

If we want to get amazing results without going to the beautician, we can follow some simple tips. In this way, a homemade pedicure becomes an unforgettable experience with this simple tip to get very smooth feet.

This trick will be seamless all year round

Feet should always be taken care of to prevent them from getting dark, thick and rough. We must pay attention to the shoes we wear and the texture of the socks to avoid shocking the feet. We should always avoid sweating from stagnation in socks and always take care of daily hygiene. Before bed, with hand cream, we must always remember to pass the cream on the feet.

If we follow these tips, our feet will always be in great shape all year round, and we won’t need shock treatments once summer comes.

Oftentimes, though, we should indulge in a deep pedicure, one that nourishes more deeply than a moisturizer. Now we will see a simple and inexpensive trick to get super soft feet at home thanks to a simple ingredient.

Homemade pedicure becomes an unforgettable experience with this simple tip for super soft feet

Once a month we should get a deep, very useful and pleasant pedicure.

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We must first soak our feet in warm water, so that the skin softens. Then we can remove the dead skin using a rasp, paying close attention to the heels.

Now we can take a block of solid paraffin And melt it in the bath of Marie. When it melts, let it cool and, using a small brush, we can apply it to the skin of the feet.

Now we leave it for twenty minutes, until it cools down and returns to the solid state. Now we can remove the paraffin: our feet will be soft and smooth like never before.

If we care about the health of our feet, we must know that insoles also play an important role in smooth and soft feet. in a This article We’ve seen which slippers can be the best choice for always having soft and supple skin.

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