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Holiday in the mountains with 100% electric SUV, test drive

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Four days in the Valtellina Mountains, aboard the 100% electric Aiways U5 SUV. We were pleased to be able to test, under very difficult conditions, the new Chinese SUV, which the Koelliker Group imported to Italy. We loved the car, here’s a breakdown of how much the vacation will cost in terms of replenishment at shafts and depreciation.

Aiways U5, in Valtellina with low autonomy

We started from Milan with destination Envelope, in the province of sondrio. There our accommodations await us, for a distance of approximately 130 km. Challenging but not too much for anyone SUVs that the parent company says have a range of 410 kilometers. It’s clearly a fact that doesn’t take into account more complex travel situations, like ours. So much so that on mountain roads, with heating always on and the trunk full and four people on board, we found that we could reach approximately 290/300 km in eco mode. Which is generally a good range for a family-oriented vehicle.

Trek through the Valtellina Mountains, day one

Nothing to say about the performance and driving style, which we liked very much. The car is very agile, has great steering turns, dynamics and a pleasant pace. Engine 150 kW (204 hp), had no particular problems with covering even steep stretches in the mountains, and also withstood well on the descent stage.

Once we got to Sondrio, we made a small lunch break, because accommodation will only be ready in the afternoon. And here we benefited from Countless columns Present (really applause to all Valtellina, definitely a step forward) For small and fast charging in the Be Charge kiosk. Then we went to the nearby town of Castione Andevenno, only 7 kilometers away, where there was a shopping center, benefiting from a second recharge (The first cost is 2.19 euros, which is 3.85 euros). Then back home and evening at the pizzeria. With two girls in tow, we definitely couldn’t overstate it.

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The second day, without worrying reload

The second day took us to Mazzo di Valtellina, 33 km away, To enjoy the local markets. We did not recharge the car the night before or at Matzo. We still have more than 50% recharge, the reason why we don’t have any recharge. The fact is that back home we decided to take a tour of Tirano: first lunch and Then visit the cathedral, with relatively free recharge at the local Lidl: If you sharpen your intelligence, you can also save. Returning home, we decided again that there was no need to recharge the car and waited the next morning, When we went to the supermarket for shopping (cost 7.60 euros). In the evening, then dinner in the middle sondrio: We parked the car in an underground car park, where we found, oddly enough, yes there vertical We were looking for it, but we found it too It was free! And coming home, a full stomach, was more fun.

aiways U5

Last day at an altitude of 1200 metres

On the last day of our vacation we went to Aprica (30 km distance), a site with an altitude of 1200 metres. Here we found a column (the only one in the whole country) of the company Acel Energie. A tour of the markets and the car in charge (costs 9.34 euros). On the way back, the car will be charged again overnight (cost €12.46) and back to Milan the next morning. In total, we traveled about 450 kilometers, and spent 35.44 euros on refills, at a cost of about 0.077 euros per kilometer.

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Final considerations, Aiways U5 Well, columns are pretty bad…

We didn’t have any problems with the car or the poles, thanks to apps like Nextcharge and the like. Sure, we would have liked to find some Cexpress shipping box, to see if the car can actually reach 100% battery in 35 minutes. This was not possible but We were able to spend our vacation in peace and without worries, Without worry reload the famous on the spanking. When asked if the Aiways U5 is a car to buy, we answer: With a list price starting from 41,790 eurosIn this regard, the quality / price ratio is really interesting. Let’s not expect great things from the cockpit, with a simple and linear dashboard that houses the instrumentation display (divided into three parts) for the multimedia system.

naturally, Some details need to be worked on. Like a dashboard that has no space where you can store your smartphone. Basic, even if it’s just trivial to set up navigator considering that On the plane is not available Except by connecting to Apple Car and Android Car. Then I put the four arrows, who knows why, in the attic. that it sailing list Screen does not include Italian language in its settings. In the end Aiways U5 trunk. It’s not very big (432 liters per sofa in use) but the 45 liter cabin under the front hood is really useful.

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