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hockey. UEFA Champions League Second Round: Tough Tour for CB Grosseto

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Grosseto: A draw is difficult, but it could have been worse. The Grosseto Skaters Club He welcomes pulling tours with a half smile The second round of the European Champions League. The The children of Michel Akele, who climbed to 36th in the world rankings, from 16-18 December awill compare Oliverense (Portugal, sixth in the ranking), Calafell (Spain) and Diesbach (Switzerland). The city between Berne and Basel will be the priority for the organisation, ranking 76th worst. Grosseto, who eliminated their favorite Lleida in La Roche Sur Yon’s focus, finds another Spanish team on its way, Calafell (No. 12), last season’s WSE Cup winner at Follonica’s expense.

“There was a possibility of meeting another Italian – Comments Grosseto CP President, Stefano Osti – But it was the turn of Follonica, who would challenge two Spaniards and Forte dei Marmi. There were strong teams, there could have been even worse teams. We are preparing for a trip to Switzerland and if they don’t feel like it then we have to see if the European Union will allow us to host the group via Mercurio, despite the slightly shorter route. We will still be able to play in our house if we have to continue.”

“We play immediately with the Swiss – adds Osti – and then play the decisive match with Calafell. We will try to take the same journey as in France. Let’s see the conditions in which we present ourselves in December, after a month of rest for the World Cup in Argentina. However, Mr. Achille and coach Chiron They are thinking about organizing the work during the break and given the new European appointment.”

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As President Usti predicted, Follonica is included in the Tuscan-Spanish group and in all groups there is at least one Italian. These are the groups that were drawn out in Luso (Portugal): Gir. To: Oliviers (Bor), Calafell (Spa), Diesbach (Svi), Grosseto. Gear. B: Reus (Spa), Valdagno, Barcelos (Bor), Braga (Bor). Gear. C: Caldes (spa), Noya (spa), Forte dei Marmi, Follonica, Gear. D: Herringen (Ger), Lodi, Valongo (Por), La Vendenne (Fra).

•The Evaluation. Calendars are already filled out. Here is Grosseto. December 16: Calafell-Oliverens, Diesbach-Edelfox Grosseto. December 17: Oliviers Desbach, Edelfox Grosseto Calafell. December 18: Oliviers Edelfox Grosseto, Calafell-Diesbach.

The qualifying rounds of the Wse Cup, which were always scheduled for December 16-18, have also been decided: Gear. To: King’s Lynn (GB), Remscheid (Ger), Lione (Fra); Gear. B: Bassano, Kivert (spa), Voltriga (spa); Gear. C: Coutras (Fra), Igualada (Spa), Walsum (Ger); Gear. D: Pas Alcoi (Spa), Ploufragan (Fra), Geneva (Svi); Gear. E: Roaring Le Grand (Fra), Lleida (Spa), Vercelli.

In pictures: A moment of clouds in Luso and the Edilfox Grosseto . calendar

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