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Hockey, Serie A2: Azura Novara tied 4-4 in playoff semi-final first leg

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At Pala Dal Lago, Azzurra Novara tied 4-4 in the first leg of the semi-finals with Montecchio. So everything has been postponed until next Saturday’s return leg.

Initially neither team appeared; After 5 minutes of balancing, Ferrari stumbles in the Luguircio area: Pussetto takes the penalty, but Gilly opposes it. However, the guests are not upset and take advantage of the bad ball lost by Captain Mastropasqua, realizing the counterattack with Loguercio. In the following minutes, the goalkeepers sat on the chair: Vicenza-based Della Valle lowered the shutter several times, while Gilly keeps his men afloat. Having wood on each side (the keel in the local Gorey is impressive), at 16′ Gonzalez masquerades as a showrunner and signs a strait tie. Before the break, Montecchio took the lead with a penalty kick from Campagnolo, but Gouri responded with a feat after seizing the ball from Poli and the second half ended with a 2-2 draw.

When you get back on the field, it’s always the athletic Luguercio who makes the difference: he finds the holeshot to beat Gilly again at 5′ and soon after Pussetto taps the loose ball 4-2. The chance to reopen the match spoke to Gonzalez, who was saved by Della Valle in the tenth minute. From that moment, the guests slowed their pace and reduced the risk, until Gonzalez redeemed himself and at 20′ realizes the 10th foul’s direct shot. Pala Dal Lago exploded when Bergamine equalized after 4-4 minutes.

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