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Hockey rink, European Championships 2023: Italy is held up by Spain, Andorra will be in the quarter-finals

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Italy lost to Spagna 7-4 In the third match of the group stage The European Arena Hockey Championship 2023 has ended. The game starts right away with very intense beats. After three rounds on the clock, Italy led by a goal Rafik 1-0. Therefore, the Azzurri managed to put their nose forward but after six handballs they suffered under the weight of the Iberian reaction. in forty secondsThe Red Furies’ down the trio: Roca, with a 1-1 goal, then Carballeira and Soler score on the goals list changing the score to 1-3.

The Bertolucci boys effectively leave the game. In fact, at the end of the first half, Grau also found a way to trademark the 1-4 that teams go into the break. In the second half, little or nothing changes, despite Coco and his companions’ attempts to react. There’s a Q&A on the Cinquini-Aragones axis, for 2-5, and then again Grau for the heavy 2-6, which in the end becomes 4-7 (as with Portugal) due to the goals scored by Malagoli, Aragones and Cocco.

Thus, Italy ranks third in its group. Due to the cross seeding of Group B, they will face Andorra in the quarter-finals Which actually takes place tomorrow, with the match that should It is supposed to be scheduled for 4 p.m.

Photo: WS Antonio Lopez

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