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Five goals to sink Dobbiaco

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Start in the best way Mastiff Masters Tour. Claude Davis Team Dobbiaco coup (5-2) In the first match of the second stage under the watchful eyes of a sporting icon from Varese like Baby Sanino. The man capable of returning Varese (football) to Serie B after a quarter of a century. He deserved to win for the Gilloneri, but he arrived at the end of a year The game is harder and more balanced than the score would suggest the last. After all, however, the group of the best is just that, and every meeting risks being a fight.

The gialloneri skill also appeared this time in Unclear positions: Vanetti and his comrades had to deal with Repeating Capanelli’s mistakeThe former, with a severely poisoned tooth, was pardoned by the rulers more than once. Flawless direction And the audience is often angry, but for this reason it is more solemn to push the Mastiffs together.

In the stands, another victory for President Pino’s club: Crowded booths Also for epiphany and Sold Out (1,105) To push the gialloneri who continue the unchecked lead rally, scratched only by a KO of Pergine in Santo Stefano. In the Deveze “machine” the The gears keep turning As it should, what if Marcelo Borgo (Rightly elected mvp) And the Rocco Pearl are always guarantees, like to see how a Very young, like Nicolò Vanelli. The 18-year-old on loan from Aosta, called up due to Bertin’s absence, held off a Capanelli-Magol duo and pulled off the whim of an assist for Tellaro’s goal. Another one you can always count on.

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Dobbiaco sank, for Mastiff It’s time for another examAnd, even harder: On Sunday the 8th, yellow and black will return On the “Strada del Vino” to face Caldaro who just beat Appiano in overtime in the derby. Another high-profile match which in addition to being one of the most anticipated matches will be an “achievement” in view of the Coppa Italia, Perhaps it should be met without Piccinelli Who tackled a strong stomp on his foot and doubts the first leg. In short, there is no boredom.

sannino ice rink

the match

The start of the mastiff is pressed into the first 2′ Dobbiaco does not come out of the third, with Cordiano Burzaca forcing a body interception to avoid the goal. However, the Icebears make good use of the reboots: Pearl also has to answer to Majul attempts With Giloneri struggling to free the third. In the seventh minute, Burzaca is good with the glove of shots by Franchini and Tellaro; But the South Tyrolean goalkeeper Surrender in the 9th minute to make a masterpiece. Chyna’s pocket is awesome for Porgy, helping from right to heartburn who puts on the network (top photo by R. Gernetti). And immediately after that, the post is the one that saves bears with a lash by M. Mazzacane. In the 12th minute, Borghi attempted the same assist again for Derolet, but the Canadian demanded too much from his dribbling and was stopped by the goalkeeper. Then, somewhat surprisingly, here is the fee: Capannelli pinches to the right and sees it coming Montaler hits hard A pearl sticks near the post. Baloo, who soon succeeded in saving the yellow and black from a cross from Majul, to close the first third without stopping.

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Upon his return, the score would be 2-1 immediately to the yellow and black: The first penalty From the match (Zandegiacomo) and after a few seconds M. Borghi is a lightning guesser Disk path E Throw it in the goal. After passing a penalty unharmed, Varese nearly scored three goals with Desauteles: dribbling, flogging and full post. The second supremacy and the new yellow and black objective: is Raimondi would sign 3-1 After a few moments of pressure against Burzaca. But then two penalties arrive against the Yellow and Black (one against Chyna is very questionable) who also have to defend themselves 3 for 5 for 22″: Garber’s comeback comes with a goal from Rizzo 3-2. Beroso also ends up on the penalty bench (while the referees pass similar interventions by the guests): this time Varese defends himself in order and even wins Penalty kick on Raimondi’s counterattack. However, the shootout was unsuccessful, with Burzaca deflecting a shot from a Mastiff-91.

Starting the third dart is also lively, with a dangerous actions On both sides and with Burzaca and Perla attentive to defending goals. However, the siren from Target still sounds thanks to the Mastiff Tellaro is being groomed by the young Fanelli. Tilo is off for the first time but he’s stubborn on repeat 4-2. On the grid wave Mastiff tries again with a great help from Porgy that Perroso doesn’t take advantage of and with some other goblin hissing around a burzaca who at a certain point Derolette rejects with a mask. in the middle of the period Cabanelli’s “exuberance” satisfies the ugly ones of Chyna who goes to the bench is penalized; In Dobbiaco’s origin the electronic vein closes Porgy charges from behind Cure (only) 2 of the penalty. In 4vs4 Perla is great on Monthaler and on the other side 5-2 up with amazing action closed team from the network Desauteles. The final siren is still 8 but the match is almost over, and only the excellent Burzaca keeps his team from going. And 1,105 celebrate this time, too.

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Mastini Varese – DOBBIACO ICEBEARS 5-2
(1-1; 2-1; 2-0)

Scorers: 8.29 Piroso (V – M. Borghi, Schina), 16.16 Monthaler (D – Capannelli); 20.49 M Borghi (V – Drolet, Piroso), 27.40 Raimondi (V – Franchini, Tilaro), 31.57 Rizzo (D – Capannelli); 45.05 Tellaro (Vanelli), 52.12 Desautelis (in – Raimondi, M. Mazacagne).

miscellaneous: pearl (from the saint); Desauteles, Piccinelli, Schina, E. Mazzacane, Belloni, Garber, Fanelli; Berroso, Vanetti, M Borghi, Darwell, Franchini, M Mazagan, Alifato, Tellaro, Cordiano, Preferterra, Odoni, B Borghi. everything.
the reviewer: Lottaroli and Volcano (Cusin and Vignolo).
note. Penalties: Watt 12 degrees, D 10 degrees. Excel: W 2-4, D 1-5. Burzaca saves Raimondi’s penalty kick. Spectators: 1,105.

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