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Hockey: Hobby Store Grosseto toasts first victory in A2

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Grosseto: Hobbystore Grosseto hits him on the third try First win in Serie A 2 against Campolongo Salerno (5-4 in the final), at the end of an intense, never boring, tomboy match, featuring nine blue cards and plenty of chances on both sides. children Charles Gucci, helped off the bench by Fabio Bilan, was always ahead, even with two or three goals, but the Campania team only succumbed to the siren, after recovering from 5-2 to 5-4 thanks to hat-trick Juan Fontaine. -trick. Circolo Pattinatori played a great game, finding continuity in the performance and also coming off unscathed six minutes in a row with only three players off the field. A success that could be decisive and allow us to look at the continuation of the championship with more confidence.

Grosseto took the lead in the eighth minute with a fine shot from Carlo Gucci that left no room for Marazzo. In the ninth minute, Campolongo saw Bruni save Giuseppe Giudici’s initial free-kick, which Gucci awarded for a sending-off foul. In the tenth minute, Salvadori, in a play of power, doubles to wrap up a very quick counterattack with a wonderful goal. theCircolo Pattinatori is also close to the trio with Bianchi, Alfieri and Salvadori conclusions. The Salernes don’t watch but Bruni locks the door well. In the 16th minute, the goalkeeper commits a foul in the area and is sent off. Fontane’s penalty was saved by newcomer Spinetti, but after a few seconds he was unable to stop Esposito’s shot. Tempers heat up on the third card of the match, which features Gucci with 7’41 remaining. The reason for the dispute is that a local player entered the rink before waiting for his partner to leave. After a few minutes of heated discussion, the referee also sent off Boracelli and coaches Bilan and Massimo Giudice. When the match resumed, Fontaine’s direct shot was saved by Bruni, who had returned to the field in the meantime. Outnumbered in the 4th minute, Bruni saved Hobbystore while Salvadori and Battaglia failed to score on the counter-attack.

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In the second half, Hobbystore made it 3-1 after less than five minutes thanks to Salvadori, while in the 7th minute Battaglia brought Grosseto’s goals to four on a direct shot that was conceded due to a mistake by Durante. The player’s attempt from Grosseto hit the post and went into the net. Campolongo Salerno does not give up, and in the tenth minute he finds the goal 4-2 with a beautiful puck from Fontan. A brilliant dismissal of the evening allows Battaglia to take advantage of the free kick before Marrazzo stops this time. But Battaglia himself ended the game with a pass from Alfieri. Salerno scores the third and fourth goals with two deductions from Fontaine and tries to regain a point in the extreme, but Circolo Pattatore resists and enjoys the joy of victory that he has lost since January 16, 2022.

Hobistor Grosseto-Campolongo Salerno 5-4

HOBBYSTORE GROSSETO: Bruni, Spinetti; Saita, Salvadori, Boracelli, Gucci, Newrozi, Alfieri, Battaglia, Bianchi. Coach Fabio Bellan.

Campolongo Salerno: Marazzo, Melillo; Di Somma, Esposito, Giuseppe Giudice, Sabetta, Giorgio Giudice, Fontane, Durante. everybody.

Referee: Vincenzo Marinelli of Giovinazzo.

NETS: At pt 7’25 Gucci, 9’02 Salvadori, 15’39 Esposito; At 4’13 Salvadorean Street, 6’30 Battaglia, 9’29 Fontane, 14’23 Battaglia, 22’07 Fontane, 23’36 Fontane

Notes: Temporary Expulsion (2′) Gucci, Bruni, Gucci, Borracelli, Massimo Giudice, Bellan, Giuseppe Giudice, Durante, Fontan.

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