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Hockey Como, the first goal a place for the Italian Cup

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Hockey Como, the first goal a place for the Italian Cup

Hockey Como plays in the Italian Cup

  • Tuesday 28 December 2021

Hockey Cuomo, the first goal

place for the Italian Cup

The Pianazori did a good job separating the competition ticket

Waiting for the sports judge’s decision not to dispute the match with Alli, Como hockey pockets, with the comfort of the reckoning, the Italian Cup ticket.

Participation in the second event after the tournament was not automatic, based on scoring, but had to be conquered. A pass is awarded to the top eight of the standings at the end of the regular season. And after two days of lockdown (three for Cuomo in the event of a match being replayed due to five COVID-positive players) the matches are over. Outside the cup, the last two rankings, Bressanone and Iban, remained. Como is in the quadrants, even if it remains to be established, which is, except minor, the position which then leads to conjugation. The boys coach Massimo da Rin are sixth, two points behind Alegy and have to watch their backs from Dobbiaco (by two points).

The account leaves the door open in the hopes of getting a fourth place, the last one that gives the right to play the quarter-final match on friendly ice. The cup (to be played on January 18, 22 and 23) includes dry matches in the three scheduled rounds, with the best-ranked team at the end of the regular season, playing at home.

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