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Highlander, new details on the remake with Henry Cavill as the new immortal

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Henry Cavill is preparing to become immortal: the beloved actor who won the eternal glory of his fans Superman And the first three seasons of the magicianIn the future, he will return to the big screen again with a new screen Highlanderswhich has now emerged some interesting news.

Talk about it was Chad Stahelskiepic director John Wick Besides working on a reboot of the popular 1980s movie, in addition to other exciting projects such as the Ghost of Tsushima movie adaptation. while chatting with Josh Horowitz And his Happy, Sad, Confused podcast updated fans on progress and sent in some tidbits.

«I think we have some good stuff now. The trick is when you have a logo like “There will only be one left.” Is that you can’t kill everyone right awayHe said at the beginning. Then the news in the preview: «I tell you for the first time, in our history there are many already seen figures and things like that, however We have also taken into account all TV series And We will try to make it a kind of introductiona setup for The Gathering, so we’ll have room to grow the franchise».

Not small words, those of Stahelski. The saga began in 1986 with Highlander – the last immortal Directed by Russell Mulcahy He told a story Connor MacLeod. He called the warrior to defeat his teammates and played it out Christopher Lambert. The series has since expanded to include movies, TV series, other books, and even an anime adaptation.

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And the series that the director refers to are three: The first is gone It was broadcast from 1992 to 1998a true story-focused sequel/spin-off to the movie Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul), Connor’s clanmate and new star Highlander. Later another animated series came out then in 1998-1999 as well Highlander: Ravena short spin-off that completes the saga of the immortal woman, Amandaplayed before Elizabeth Gracen It is already in the main series.

So we can expect many of these elements in the new Henry Cavill movie. what do you think? Do you like it as a project setting? Tell us what you have, as always, in the comments.

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