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Here’s the value of gold in use today: ‘unbelievable’

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If you are thinking of selling yours Old used gold This could be to buy more modern jewellery the right moment. In fact, the valuation of gold is going up a lot right now quickly. Likely due to inflation which raises production costs, other minerals as well They act the same way. This material, along with all raw materials in general, has always been premium safe haven assets; Things that, in times like these, motivate investors to spend their money on editing Securities purchase Consider the money in a safe place. Even if it is inflation a plus Indeed, the price of gold and silver was exorbitant You will always benefit from it. The higher the production/processing costs and The increasing demand in the marketthe higher the price.

How to act in the event of selling used gold

First, make sure of your object Be golden indeed. You will be able to easily ascertain this by locating it Carat or thousand engraving. written like 18ct, 22ct, 24ct or 750, 916, and 999 They are the ones that indicate the quantity Golden Royal present in your gem. Gold, in fact, in case you weren’t aware, can’t does not represent 100% Create an object. because of him Adaptation That would be very easy to fold and deformation.

Attention just in case no inscription On your object it could still be gold But it is rare; In addition, to make sure of this, you need to go to the gold shop which, through some reagents, will be able to to enlighten you about it in configuration. What you should hope for in these cases is that the object Not just plated externally, because in this case, It will have no value.

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Today’s gold valuations are OK suitable For sale at this time price One gram of 18 karat gold is equivalent to 38.55 euros While pure 24 karat gold settles 52.25 euros; It is a price that seems sufficient to us in light of the past few weeks stable.

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