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Here’s how to defend yourself from hackers

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The last few years have seen a definitive boom of perhaps the most popular instant messaging apps in the world.

They are not counted nowThose who use WhatsApp in their daily life to keep in touch with their friends, relatives, etc. Endless functions and options Always updated on the app And it is present on practically every smartphone, at least in our country. For a few years after that Everything is gradually changing With more and more useful services and updates.


Recently thenThe merger between WhatsApp and Facebook, through the birth of the Meta company, made possible a series of important ideas that make the instant messaging application a real guarantee of always staying in touch with the outside world. So far, actually You can send messagescall your contacts with audio and video calls, share audio and video contributions, forward files of all kinds, and share your contacts Address book and geolocation.

In short, all through a convenient and simple app. In short, the truth of the facts today more than ever leads us to believe that the future from this point of view can be as rosy as possible. Up-to-date inside information In fact, the company is talking about a possible merger between the apps controlled by Meta. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram All in one in a nutshell. Besides the development of the application itself, users are still worried about the security issue.

In short, the risk is related as expected For security, the possibility of intercepting what passes within the same application in some way without much effort by other people. Security is now the main concern of citizens, one could rightly say. Often, in fact, this type of application is converted Unbeknownst to the ideal scenario To set up real scams that are favored precisely by the same type of context.

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WhatsApp, the danger is real now: this is what can happen to us every day

In short, nowadays Security has become an absolutely essential variable to continue to use the apps that accompany us every day safely. We realize more and moreRead the news and not just how hard it is to stay calm given the enormous risks faced by the same users every day. We talked about tricks and deceptions Of all kinds, of course, but that’s not all, unfortunately. Various functions that have been enabled recently risk actually finding them in Absolutely unpleasant situations.

Ability to link your account to four different devices simultaneously, but using only one smartphone can create problems that are not irrelevant in the long run. Let’s consider, for example, the possibility of contacting WhatsApp through your computer. The concrete presence of their conversations is displayed there, so to speak, at the disposal of those who may come close to ours personal computer.

unnecessary risk of Being. If we then consider that in this way you will have free access to what would be considered private chats in any case. In this puto we understand if Someone has accessed our app Straight from the computer, maybe We have not logged outIt should be very easy. Just go and look at the last access from the app settings on your PC. to make sure In short, that someone has no “contacts” with our application.

to avoid this You can follow what all industry experts have recommended for two-step authentication. The level of security in this case will increase significantly. necessary step To activate this security procedure is as follows: -> Account -> 2-Step Verification -> Activation. Complete everything by entering your personal email and then save. With this process it will be so You can log in to our account Freely even from the computer. It is best to take precautions always and anyway.

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