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Here is who can take advantage of the discount

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Maxi adjustment of the maneuver to stimulate discounts on bills. But the specter of the burdens of the system returns. All news is in sight.

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A spike in bills, in and of itself, may not be insurmountable to Italians. The problem is that the rise in electricity and gas prices came after a very difficult financial period for all families. Thus, the higher costs have been a blow to the pockets of taxpayers, because they are tied to the tax period and are still operating in the recovery phase after last year’s serious emergency. Maximum maneuverability adjustment It will save about 3 billion euros To be able to contain the blow. However, the feeling is that it took at least twice as long to stop the money bleeding.

The average additional spending, according to the Energy Authority, will amount to about 40 billion. Thanks to the increased use of both electricity and gas during the winter period. It follows that for Codacons, Italian families will spend about an additional 500 euros per year on bills. According to Assoutenti, the count would be worse: 1,300 euros, taking into account retail price increases. A blow that did not really feel the need, considering that the collection activity was also jointly resumed.

Billing, there is a discount but (maybe) not for everyone: this is how it works

It’s clear that bonus bills, by themselves, can’t be able to plug all the holes. However, the reduction will still be intended for 3 million families, who will be able to take advantage of it in the face of the not particularly high Isee: 8,265 euros. A maximum of €20,000 is envisaged but only for families with four or more dependent children. If you do not fall into these categories, It would also be good to have an income or a citizenship pension. Between electricity and gas, at the moment, the cost of the state is estimated at about 2 billion euros. The numbers give the overall picture clearly: 125 euros per year is a discount, on average, for families of two people. For those with one or two children, it will reach 148 euros, which will rise to 173 for families with four or more children.

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However, there is a possibility that the Isee threshold will rise further, raising the income to a maximum of 10 thousand euros to take advantage of the discount on bills. However, there is still a tangible possibility of a return of the system fee as well, which is 20% on the electric bill and another 4.3% on gas. An unexpected load at this time, given that $2 billion was used in October alone to reset it. Without them, the savings will be at least 28 euros per quarter. This might convince people to choose to extend the cut, at least by another quarter. Moreover, the option of reducing value-added tax, which is considered very expensive to implement now.

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