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Here is the Pope’s team against Elba Island team – football

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(ANSA) – ROME, April 20 – The representative of Elba Island, on behalf of 87 small Italian islands, and “Squadra del Papa-Fratelli tutti” will play a soccer match on Tuesday 26 (18.30) in Trastevere – the stadium at Via Vitlia 50 Bromma. The next day, Pope Francis will receive the two teams. Admission will be free, and judge will be Valeri. The organization of the match was made possible thanks to Lega Nazionale Dilettanti, Lega Pro and Trastevere Calcio. All this stems from the initiative of a group of athletes from the island of Elba who wrote to the Pope to tell him about the social reality that the 240,000 inhabitants of the small islands of Italy live daily, asking him for the possibility that personal encounters should be encouraged. To “invest” in the present and future of these “rocks” and ensure that the phenomenon of population migration – especially young people – does not call into question the basic services of health and education. He is also asked, to accept the request, to play a soccer match with the “Squadra del Papa-Fratelli tutti”, coached by former Roma player Odoacre Chierico and made up of Vatican citizens and staff who participated in the Special Olympics, a young man with the syndrome. Added to Dawn are two African immigrants welcomed by the Sant’Egidio congregation and some young Ukrainians. The panel refers to the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Vatican Athletica.

“We want to represent through sport, a medium of high impact, the hardships of the people who have chosen to live on the small islands – says Gaetano Doria, head of the Elba team -. We will bring the warmth to our people that the saint will convey to us. Father, to whom we will tell the feeling of solitude, forgotten by Before the central authorities. We will tell him that the church is always there ‘the Trastevere stadium located within the garden of Villa Pamphili, and where the first game was held, hosted the football match in Rome in 1892. Prince Alfonso Doria Pamphili, passionate about sports, in fact, allowed a group of seminarians at the English College The venerable, who already played football, trained and played in his villa.


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