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Harry Potter, the TV series is official: the agreement has been signed with JK Rowling | television

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On the occasion of announcing the rebranding of its HBO Max now called MAX, David Zaslav confirmed rumors leaked a week ago that Harry Potter It will be adapted as a TV series for the new streaming platform now called Max. The project will be a “faithful adaptation” of the books and the cast will be entirely new.

An agreement was then reached with writer JK Rowling, who will be the executive producer and will creatively oversee the project. Warner Bros. will handle. Television and Brontë Film and TV are involved with production, and the search has officially begun for a screenwriter/showrunner to adapt the novels, at a rate of one per season (for a total of seven seasons). It appears that David Heyman, who is currently in negotiation, will also be on the production team, who should join Rowling, Neil Blair and Ruth Kenley Letts.

It appears that David Heyman, who is currently in negotiation, will also be on the production team, who should join Rowling, Neil Blair and Ruth Kenley Letts.

Harry Potter: when will the series be released?

Casey Bloys, Chairman and CEO of HBO and Max Content, confirmed the start of the search for a showrunner:

We tried playing hole cards too. We have not yet contacted the agencies. We follow an internal process in which we think of people without speaking about them externally. Now that the news is out, we’ll get down to business with Blair Partnership and look around.

Assuming the writer and showrunner is found by the end of summer, it’s hard to think that filming on season one could start before summer 2024. Therefore, the perfect time to release the series on MAX could be Christmas. 2025. Obviously, they’re just hypotheses, but it’ll be at least two years (no hitches or slowdowns) before we see any pictures of the series.

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J.K. Rowling comments on her involvement

The author said:

Max’s commitment to preserving the integrity of my novels is important to me, and I look forward to being a part of this new adaptation that will allow for a degree of depth and detail that only a TV series can provide.

Casey Bloys on the JK Rowling controversy

“I don’t think it’s the appropriate place to discuss this,” Bloys commented during the Q&A session with the press, regarding the controversy that has surrounded JK Rowling in recent months. “It’s a lot of talk ConnectedMinute and complex, it’s not something we want to fit in.” “Our priority is what’s on screen,” Bloys continued. “Obviously, the Harry Potter story is incredibly positive, it’s about love and self-acceptance. This is our priority – what appears on the screen.

Bloys confirmed, “Rowling will be involved. She is an executive producer of the series. Your suggestions will be very helpful. The series is something new and we are excited, but remember one thing: We have been working on Harry Potter for 20 years. This is not a new decision, we have been working on the Harry Potter universe for a long time.” 20 years “.

Here is the teaser from which the project was announced:

We remember that there has been talk of the Harry Potter series since January 2021: at the time, the studio was looking for solid content for the fledgling HBO Max streaming platform, but was still actively focused on the Harry Potter film franchise. Fantastic Beasts. Meanwhile, the flagship was sold to Discovery and the merger created a new Warner Bros. conglomerate. Discovery. The new studio will focus more on the intellectual property that made it great, and the Harry Potter series is a prime example of this strategy. Excellence Harry Potter is one of the most profitable for the specialty: only recently was the Hogwarts Legacy video game a resounding success, but there are also theme parks, shows, merchandise, licensed products, and more.

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Meanwhile, Harry Potter’s introduction to television has resulted in a special 20th anniversary reunion party for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and a special Hogwarts Houses Trophy hosted by Helen Mirren.

We will keep you informed!

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