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Harassment phone calls, discontinued as of July 27. Antitrust: “This is how we change telemarketing”

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Telemarketing, 5 phone calls a week

An average of five phone calls a week: This is the blast that “suffers” every Italian, according to data collected by Kodakuns. According to the Consumers Association, telemarketing has intensified in the last period because the entry into force of the public record of opponents is approaching: “We appreciate Almost 20% increase in calls compared to pre-Covid Today an average of nearly five business calls per week are received by an average user with a landline and mobile.”
Telephone sales in Italy represent a business worth around $4 billion annually, with an estimated turnover of about $40 billion for the entire supply chain and employing about 120,000 people. It is mainly energy companies, telecommunications companies and banks that offer deals over the phone. about this aggressive and often intrusive marketing activity (Like the case of a doctor who got a call at 3 am Beppe Severgnini told him here) The focus and attention of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on consumer and user protection, but also on antitrust, is to activate the resulting contracts.Which recently intervened with two opinions that could lead to a real revolution.

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