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Happy Christmas players, an unexpected gift arrives

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A new Christmas gift is coming to the home of many players around the world! That’s what it is.

Players will be delighted with this new Christmas gift! (Source: DCStudio on Freepick)

Never like this birthday, Bathed with the players gifts. Not only Blizzard He wanted to give a video game to everyone, but also many other video game houses and stores sell or give away as much as possible! Unfortunately as everyone knows, even if the availability PS5 e Xbox Series X He’s younger than ever during the holidays, me Addresses Give Play for free They are more and more numerous!

Some sites like Prime gaming so Epic game store They give away practically enough games that you can rest easy without shopping for them few months! But now there is a new one free gift birthday For all the players of the tournament that last year managed to attract a lot of users in a very short time, thanks to its gameplay so funny.

Another gift for Christmas? Genshin Impact takes care of it!

Birthday gift
Genshin Impact stuns fans! (Source: Epic Games Store)

Nowadays, there are very few who do not know this surname Even, Who unexpectedly managed to make his way into the hearts of fans. For those who don’t know, Jinshin effect It is an open world, with gameplay dynamics similar to those seen in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This title features beautiful .-style graphics japanese comics, With many interchangeable characters during battles and management of items, with which you can form combos, exploit the opponent’s weaknesses or slightly modify the surrounding environment.

The title is definitely Free And this is something that really made gamers who love video games really happy. In fact, having a free Open World game of this magnitude, with updated content and fun gameplay, It’s nothing every day.

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the miHoYo wanted to create a file Event As a gift for all players, thanks to which it will be possible to obtain 1600 Primogems (In-game currency to get new characters and weapons) absolutely for free. The new event will start in December 24 I will add a new one prison cell, With which you can collect others 400 Save!

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In short, Genshin Impact also wanted Honoring Their players in this event, a real event free gift birthday, which will delight the many fans who love the title and can’t help but play it!

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