October 3, 2023

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Halo Infinite and cheater, Xbox users request the ability to disable cross-play – Nerd4.life

make a game infinite aura It is not immune to the phenomenon cheating This seems to burden the users X-Box343 Industries, who claim an option Disable cross-play.

We’ve tried the multiplayer Halo Infinite and can confirm the many qualities of the online segment of Microsoft’s exclusive waiting, but it’s clear that in the presence of Invalid users The situation could become unbearable.

Unfortunately, reports in this sense are proliferating on social networks, with videos of seemingly indomitable players who manage to knock out their opponents on any occasion and certainly thanks to systems like embot.

“This is one of the reasons why many console users choose not to play on PC,” Meeie wrote on Reddit. “Now that the cheats have been confirmed on Halo Infinite as well, do we have the option to disable cross-play?”

“In addition to ease of use on consoles, avoiding cheaters has always been the main reason why I haven’t played on PC. Destiny, Call of Duty: Warzone, Battlefield, Apex Legends… they all have a lot of cheaters on PC. While I’ve never found Anything on consoles after cross-play is disabled.”

“This is really important and I think avoiding a private option could have serious consequences for console players, who have to deal with the wrong users on the PC.”

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