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Hallart, an art display space where you wouldn’t expect it

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The hall of the Carlo Puma Hospital is transformed into an art gallery. The gallery space, called ‘Halart’, will host exhibitions in an ongoing cycle throughout the year. The idea was born thanks to the ASST’s Office of Press and Communications, which, as part of the “Art in Hospital” project, which was born in 2009, decided to create a place within the hospital to host Mantuan artists with their works.

The first gallery, which opened yesterday, displays photos of nurse Mario Fiorito, taken inside the intensive care unit during the pandemic emergency. “Their eyes and hands. The first wave of Covid in the looks and gestures of resuscitation professionals” is the title of the exhibition, which will be open until February 11.

The images will then be viewed permanently in the intensive care unit. “This exhibition sends the message that the hospital is not just a place of suffering – Mara Azzi, General Manager of Asst – explains – art has become a tool to enhance the potential of our workers.” Photographer (but above all a nurse) Mario Fiorito wanted to capture the work of his colleagues in a moment of extreme difficulty and uncertainty like the first wave of Covid, so as not to forget the great work done by health workers during the emergency.

“I’ve always had a passion for photography, but obviously putting the camera aside during the pandemic – says Mario Fiorito – I decided to dust off to capture those sad moments in the department, with the idea of ​​showing them to my colleagues once the emergency was over. At first, when I asked for authorizations, My idea created some bewilderment, but over time almost all colleagues welcomed the initiative very well. I felt privileged to be able to portray those moments as a nurse, thus knowing where to work.”

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