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Grosseto and Vercelli in the quarter-finals. Follonica falls into the final of the WSE – OA Sport . Cup

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A weekend full of matches and emotions. Roller hockey saw two days of pity between Italy and Europe: let’s see in detail how it went.

A1 . series

Preliminary Scudetto

Grosseto and Vercelli overcame the first round of qualifying by reaching the quarter-finals draw, en route to the Scudetto.
The Tuscans, a strong outsider 8-3 who won the first leg, lost 2-4 at home against Sarzana, but on aggregate they still topped 10-7. More exciting instead, the Piedmontese qualified: 6-5 after the first leg, the same score, with the fields reversed, is also repeated in the second leg. In extra time, the Argentine Moyano settles the matter, with another paw in the evening (5 goals for him).

Also here are the results of the match: Sandrigo’s 3-2 victory over Matera and a 3-3 draw between Monza and Correggio.

A1 Series Championship – Preliminaries, Return Race and Day One Play – Technical Notes

Saturday 23 April 2022 – 8.45 pm – PalaMercurio di Grosseto
Edilfox: Menichetti, Mount, Saavedra (C), Rodriguez, Paghi S – Franchi, Nacevich, Cabella, Biancucci, Sassetti – All. Baghi F
Innovation Scope: Corona, Najera, Galbas J, Galbas P, Rossi – Borsi (C), De Rinaldis, Angeletti, Bianchi – All. Bertolucci M
Scorers: 1t: 8’05” Galbas J (S), 8’13” Mount (G), 13’48” Franchi (G), 24’59” Najera (S) – t: 13’58” Galbas P (G) S), 24’18” Nugget (small)
Red Cards: 2t: 8’22” De Rinaldis (2′) (S), 24’49” Najera (2′) (S)
Referee: Ulderico Barbrisi of Salerno and Carlo Iorio of Salerno

Saturday 23 April 2022 – 8.45 pm – PalaPregnolato di Vercelli
ENGAS HOCKEY VERCELLI – TIERRE CHIMICA MONTEBELLO HP (Away 5-6 – Return 6-5 – Overall 11-11 – Overtime 1-0)
Ingus: Verona, Tatarani, Brusa, Zochetti, Maneiro (midfield) – Moyano, Matugini, Sesti, Ojeda, Pasciolo – Ole.
Tierre Chimica: Lorenzato, Nicoletti, Paiva, Fariza (C), Miguelez – Brendolin, Ghirardello, Del Sale, Zordan, Nardi – All. Chiarello
Scorers: 1t: 9’36” Paiva (M), 9’44” Paiva (rig) (M), 11’49” Nicoletti (M), 13’58” Moyano (V), 16’37” Moyano (V) ))), 20’35” Moyano (V) – 2t: 11’11” Tataranni (V), 15’48” Brendolin (tir.dir) (M), 15’57” Moyano (V), 19’34 Paiva (centre), 20’37” Tatarani (overlay) (V), 22’59” Moyano (V)
Red Cards: 1t: 23’36” Ghirardello (2′) (M) – 2t: 25’00” Fariza (Red) (M)
Referees: Franco Ferrari of Viareggio (LU) and Matteo Galuppi of Follonica (GR)

Sat 23 Apr 2022 – 8.45pm – Palasport di Sandrigo (VI)
Telea Medical: Bernardelli, Palalres, Neves, Cacau, Pozzato – Poletto (C), Garcia J, Gavioli G, Cocco C – All. Vanzo
Matera: Xiloyannis, Santeramo (C), Piozzini, Corrado, Amendolagin – Chieco – All. Santochirico E
Scorers: 1t: 11’25” Cacau (S), 15’33” Amendolagin (M) – 2t: 0’55” Neves (S), 2’24” Pozzato (S), 13’27” Piozzini (M)
Referee: Andrea Davoli of Modena and Sergio Nicoletti of Castelgumberto (sixth)

Sat 23 Apr 2022 – 8.45pm – PalaBiassono di Biassono (MB)
TeamServiceCar: Campor, Nadini (C), Tamborindegui, Ardit, Tornè – Lanaro, Lazzarotto, Negri, Olivieri, Ferronato – All. Colamaria
Bidel: Erico, Zocchiati (centre), Tudela, Thiel, Osorio – Fantuzzi, Casari, Caroli, Reggae, Salins – Ol. neighbor
Scorers: 1t: 0’06” Thiel (C), 4’33” Nadini (M), 13’30” Thiel (C), 18’02” Lanaro (M) – 2T: 14’16” Tamborindegui (M) , 17’15” Tudela (centre)
Red Cards: 2t: 17’15” Colamaria (2′) (M)
Referees: Josep Celicia of Giovinazzo (BA) and Francesco Stallone of Giovinazzo (BA)

WSE . Cup

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Very sorry for Follonica, who reached the fourth final of the second continental competition, having eliminated Valdagno in the semi-finals, 3-2, is one step away from lifting the cup, which instead goes to the Spaniards of Calafell, who are able to establish themselves by 6 -5, in Paredes.

The Tuscans, after a difficult start, finding themselves 3-0 ahead, failed very briefly to crown a comeback that could have been amazing.

Photo: FISR / Mario Spaleta

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