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Greece, journalist George Tragas died of Covid. Founder of the Free People’s Party

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Well-known Greek journalist and publisher George TragasAnd 72enne The founder of the “Free People” political party, died of Covid after being taken to hospital ten days In the announcement of Soteria Hospital Athena For the treatment of respiratory failure. Despite suffering from a severe form of diabetes, and therefore falling into the category of extremely vulnerable, he has chosen not to be vaccinated against Covid. According to the statements of his doctor, George Zubes, Trigas was reluctant to vaccinate: “I not only asked for Giorgos Tragas to be vaccinated, but I begged him – as he told Hellenic TV – and it is inconceivable that such an intelligent man would not have done so.” It was decided in time to use the only weapon that We have it against this epidemic. Every day he found excuses. Everyone was trying to ask me a way to delay the vaccine.”

Tragas is one of the deans of the Greek press, and he has more than 50 years career behind him. He started collaborating with magazines like icons e mesimphrine Until you reach the newspaper Fradine, who worked with him for several years. Before devoting himself to politics, he moved from the judiciary to later become an editor for newspapers such as cryingAnd Collide e Anexartisia. He later became famous for his TV shows on Alpha, ANT1, SKAI and Epsilon TV where he was invited as a political commentator and also worked on radio where he hosted a program on Parapolitica 90.1 FMAnd Real FM 97.8And Greece 94.3 FM Which was broadcast on TV

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In his latest interview, published December 2 for Zougla magazine, Tragas said he disagreed with the government’s options to fine unvaccinated over 60-year-olds: “Those who do not want to be vaccinated are covered by the Council of Europe decision,” he said. Leave the third wife, Maria Karas (He also tested positive for Covid) and two children.

Tragas’ death comes as fear of the Omicron variant grows in the country. According to a study by the University of Crete, Omicron will cause serious infections in the unvaccinated, while the vaccine will be protected from severe forms and will likely end up in intensive care. The data shows that 2.308 Of the 2,825 deaths that occurred between November 1 and December 7 involved people over the age of 65. the 90% Of these deaths have not been vaccinated. In the meantime, the vaccination of children between the ages of 5 and 11 began today.

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