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Gravina: “I talked to Insane, he did not go to Canada with a light heart”

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The FIGC chairman revealed that he had recently spoken with current Napoli captain Lorenzo Insigne.

Gabriel Gravina, FIGC Number One, spoke with Corriere dello Sport. Spoken on many topics. “Epidemic is a mountain we’ve beginning to climb. Health protocol is a success. 35% of victims protect us from various barriers of individual ASLs. We can no longer play with eleven positives and continue. All three are prevented. This guarantees that the virus will no longer affect the consistency of competition.” .

Then he adds: “Playoff? Grezo is time to try. None of the nineties believed in three points for success, instead it paid off. The playoffs in the Liga Pro and Serie P are guaranteed visibility and success. That’s wrong. No. But a reform is needed, which will reduce the teams and change the shape so that they get quality and competition.

Is it iconic in Canada? “Big disappointment. I saw him grow up in Pescara in three wonders, Verdi and Immobile. It’s sad to know that in the distant league. I talked to him, I do not think he’s going lightly. But sometimes his career choices prevail over poetry.

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