Monday, April 15, 2024

Google Auto Archive, save 60% storage space for underutilized apps

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Now that phone makers have mostly removed microSD card slots from their devices, managing storage limits is becoming an increasingly serious concern, especially for those who install very demanding games and possibly handle 4K media files at the same time or even higher resolutions. Although many phones are sold with the ability to choose between multiple memory sizes, the extra expense required is often not affordable for everyone. If there is not much to do with multimedia files, except to rely on some cloud service and a very fast connection available, then there is an interesting solution for applications that should be active immediately.

Last year, Google introduced the idea of ​​app storage to help people manage their precious storage space, but now there’s another twist to that and the company is tweaking the software so that it works automatically.

the new Android AutoArchive feature theoretically can Reduce the size of the application by about 60%, but without completely removing it from your phone.

The interesting thing is that thanks to that All personal data and settings will not be touched or deleted, with all due respect to those who are afraid of losing game progress or settings of an application that is rarely used, but is still considered useful. In general, we will still see the app icon in the launcher, but Google will remove most of the icons and resources to save space, then automatically re-download from the Play Store when needed.

Unfortunately, not all apps are eligible for the AutoArchive feature, as developers are forced to use the App Package Format, which ensures that only necessary resources are downloaded to your phone when you install an app.

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Users who want to join the AutoArchive program can do so by trying to install a new app when their phones are full. After the installation starts, a popup will ask them if they want to enable AutoArchive. If the user gives their consent, previously unused applications will automatically start the archiving process to free up space for new applications.

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