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Goodbye Tulips, Early Spring Damage: Run for cover

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Watch your tulips: put them away immediately Novanews

Pay attention to the beautiful tulips, you risk throwing them away: it’s time to get rid of them. Here’s why and how.

the tulips It is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, and several types of it were found, especially in the Netherlands. Precisely in these countries they are a true symbol, so much so that a feast is celebrated in their honor on the first of May. around Colorful rosesI which can also be seen in some areas in Italy.

They generally bloom with the arrival of spring but it is possible to plant them in a vase even in your own apartment. Who is the luckiest and possesses garden You will have the opportunity to create a colorful crop of tulips.

Lavender looks kind of like cupgenerally consisting of 3 petals and 3 sepals But as we expected, its colors are endless. Now, however, those who begin to plant them with the onset of autumn will have to try to place their flowers in shelter. With the beginning of this spring You risk destroying them Or worse than having to throw it away.

Watch out for tulips: put them in a safe place right away

Anyone who has planted tulips in the fall months will surely notice that The first leaves They are already starting to appear. Perhaps as soon as you saw it blooming, you went crazy with joy but you didn’t think about it It’s not the right time yet to make it open.

In fact because of the mild temperatures and this kind of beginning of spring They start growing early. The problem lies in the fact that heavy rains and hailstorms are expected soon which can destroy the newly born leaves and above all Let the growing bulb rot.

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If that happens we will have to Say goodbye to our beloved flowers which we have taken care of to this day. The only solution is to shelter them from these misfortunes.

Tulips Beware of the Coming Rains Novanews

Tulips: Here’s how to house them

As you know, lavender cultivation should take place in fall months or before winter. In order for growth to occur properly, the ground must be covered with wood chips. Just like that flower bulb It will be warm.

With the arrival of March, this layer must be removed to allow bud to mark. The best thing is to keep our plant safe and prevent exposure to it praises and strong It rains. In fact, experts recommend placing the vase in direct sunlight.

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