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Goodbye to thousands of devices: if this app no ​​longer works, you are on the “black list”, you will soon have to get rid of it

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Old iPhones, how to identify them –

With the advancement of technology and the arrival of more and more recent updates, it is difficult for users to keep up with the news to risk finding an outdated device in their hands.

According to Apple’s instruction manual, the hardware becomes obsolete when it has not been on the market for 7 years or more, but this data only applies to hardware. When does the operating system become too old?

The updated operating system allows an extension Perfect performance for all applications Which can be downloaded and installed on the iPhone, and Apple, to ensure the presence of its services even on older devices, has always taken care to develop custom updates to avoid excluding a large part of its audience.

At least that’s what has happened so far, in fact according to some dropout The procedure may not continue further, the programmers will remain stop evolution For all those devices that the company considers too old, users will find themselves with a phone with limited functionality, and they see mapsAnd Siri and evenapp store Apple official.

The news reported by the leaker StellaFudge seems to have been confirmed above all by a document in Apple Support, in which it is explicitly stated that: “Some previous versions of the software It will no longer support some Apple services“.

How to find out if your iPhone is old

Devices that are excluded from additional updates may appear to be those with the following versions: iOS11, macOS High Sierra, WatchOS4, and tvOS 11. In any case, certainty will be obtained when users receive an official communication directly from Apple in which all the restrictions that the device will be subject to are listed.

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Old iPhones, how to identify them –

As for the hardware, Apple has made it clear that the hardware is divided into classic And Outdated. Older iPhones are the ones that ended up being between 5 and 7 years old For them, support and possible change of parts are guaranteed but only while supplies last. Therefore, the guarantee of assistance, although valid, becomes progressively more and more limited since some maintenance interventions may already have been completed for some time.

If the device deployment is completed for more than 7 years For the user there is very little hope of receiving support, in fact Apple no longer takes responsibility for the repair and one is forced to resort to activities outside the company.

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