April 23, 2024

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Gold and silver, the value continues to rise: you can be very rich

Gold and silver, the value continues to rise: you can be very rich

The trends speak for themselves: the value of precious metals, such as gold and silver, is growing sharply and will reach ever higher numbers.

The trend in 2022 speaks of a Gold is constantly risingThis is why savers should have a gold reserve.

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Is it worth investing in gold? According to the latest data, absolutely yes. Central banks around the world have decided to increase their gold reserves and even for individuals, the advice is to have a stock of precious metals that allow them to have safe assets. The demand for gold bars and coins is also increasing, which continues to assert its position as a metal that can be bet on in order to obtain a significant increase in the value of its assets.

Investing in gold and silver to avoid inflation: this is why it’s worth it

Investment experts recommend it Save 10% of your wallet for gold purchases: A way, that is, to be able to have a precious treasure set aside in the event of a very strong inflation. Silver also wins the hearts of investors: there are more and more demands for this precious and versatile material. Consider, for example, the photovoltaic sector: in this area, the demand for silver is really noticeable because the number of projects in which it is used is increasing day by day. Governments around the world are determined to take concrete action to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions.

According to forecasts, we are talking about a The highest level ever for the silver sectorThere is also great demand from other sectors, such as the automotive industry, 5G network, electronics and electrical engineering. As a result of this increase in demand, the production of this metal has also increased: there is talk of a growth in production of 7%. Where does silver come from? Mainly from mining production, but recycling also plays an important, albeit minor, role.

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gold and silver
Gold and silver on solofinanza.it

in the last year The demand for silver has exceeded the supply For the first time in six years: this imbalance leads to a supply shortfall of nearly 20 million ounces of silver. It’s hard to understand how things will play out in the coming months, but the trends are all for ever greater growth in the value of your gold and silver savings: it’s best to focus on buying rare metals to secure your assets at this historical moment. Everyone has to deal with this urgent inflation that can be fought with gold and silver.