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God of War Ragnarok does not answer some questions, possibly referring to “another game” –

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Sony Santa Monica Creative Director Cory Barlog took to Twitter to confirm this God of War Ragnarok Effective way Does not answer some questions As well as suggesting the possibility of explaining some elements of the story in language “another game” from the series.

The issues described are actually God of War Ragnarok plot spoilers, so those who don’t intend to have the slightest anticipation should probably avoid reading. This focuses on a number of issues related to the pre-2018 God of War related to a snake Of the world, in fact, has not been resolved in the history of the new chapter, contrary to what was thought.

God of War: Giant World Serpent

The first question is: who blew the trumpet Who is Jormungandr conjuring in the previous chapter? In 2018’s God of War, Kratos clearly hears the sound of the horn, which causes the giant serpent to reappear, but it’s not clear who detonated it.

This was thought to have been explained in God of War Ragnarok, but that wasn’t the case, and furthermore, Barlog also denied that the sound came from Kratos himself playing Gjallarhorn at the start of Ragnarok, as can be thought of as a discrepancy in the thunderstorm related to a snake .

The creative director simply told fans to “keep the faith” that sooner or later “I’ll be consistent enough to create the moment to explain it,” possibly suggesting a continuation of the matter in another project. And “another game” is neatly mentioned by Barlog to answer the other unanswered question of how Jormungandr managed to go Back in time After fighting with Kratos in the previous game.

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In the new chapter — and this is especially a spoiler — it’s made clear that this action is related to Loki, “but how did he manage to go back in time… well… that’s another Toy Story,” Barlog wrote, leaving the question open to different interpretations. Meanwhile, God of War Ragnarok has already won GOTY and Best Narrative Design at BIGs.

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