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Gmail down: What happens to the email

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gmail Didn’t work for at least two hours: Google’s email service has had problems in a large part of the world, from the United States to the United Kingdom to Italy and other countries. “Gmaildown” was among the most used hashtags on Twitter by thousands of users willing to report the disruption. Now, however, the first reports are arriving with the gradual restoration of service.

Map: Here’s the damage

on me bottom detector The Graph It rose to the top: the default map shows the United States with the most serious cases in Los Angeles, New York and Boston, the problems also occurred in our country and in Europe as I immediately reported the sun that collected testimonials of complaints on the web. “Gmail is not working, I’m going crazy”wrote one user. There are also those who are more specific about the problem: messages are regularly sent to “Emails have not been receivedAnother tweet shows that the situation can be global, and thus spread more widely.

The situation in Italy

Even if the first comments were foreign, the e-mail did not work (or did it sporadically) even in Italy with the many reports that have flooded the net. “Looks like Gmail just hit and miss or is it just me?Many users tweeted. On the other hand, Antre wrote, they encountered the first problems around 2pm with outages and significant negative repercussions across all sectors, IT and business obviously. Even if many disconnected and reconnected the account, it was not resolved. problem this way.

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as it seems from Italian map, the red flush (that is, with major problems) which mainly concerned cities such as Turin and Milan, the area between Livorno, San Marino, Perugia and Rome has disappeared: now there is a yellowish tint indicating the slow return to normal. A few hours ago, orange (medium-critical) also affected the main cities of the south, including Naples, Bari, Palermo, Messina and Catania, which means that the blockade affected not only the aforementioned regions but the entire national territory. So far, the American multinational based in California has not issued any note to explain the nature of the disruption: therefore, its origins are unknown (whether it be a hacker or a technical issue).

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