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Gives lessons in gymnastics and crisis management –

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From Christina Cizek

Bild reconstructs the life of the German hero in Huntercombe prison: he sleeps in one cell, and teaches the other prisoners the importance of exercise and proper nutrition. After serving half of his sentence, he can leave due to good behavior

Boris Becker, three-time Wimbledon champion and the former world tennis phenomenon, which is still loved by the Germans even though they ended up in prison afterwards He was jailed for two and a half years by a London court in late April for bankruptcy. Its popularity was not affected.

Newspaper Build Meets German readers’ desire to know the performance of the stars of the 80s and 90s After nearly six months in the England prison at Huntercombe, in Oxfordshire. A quieter prison after the first few days They died in Wandsworth, a prison described as horrible, with overcrowded, damp, rat-infested cells..

Huntercombe is a whole other world: prisoners are overwhelmingly guilty of administrative or royal crimes. Prison for foreigners and many of them, e Baker may be no exception, they were expelled from British soil as soon as their sentence expired. His lawyer, Oliver Moser, told the newspaper that Boris Becker was doing well in the circumstances and was adapting constructively to daily life in prison. He can call whenever he wants To communicate with the outside world. Then the English newspapers reported that his partner, Lilian de Carvalho, visits him regularly, four times a week, as required by regulations.

And if the lawyer wanted to protect his client’s privacy, some people close to Becker had revealed more information to Build: Becker behaves flawlessly, sticking to other prisoners who love him. He slept in one cell, could exercise, and lost eight kilograms. especially, He explains to fellow prisoners the importance of physical exercise and healthy nutritionHe teaches crisis management, yoga, and meditation, and is the assistant athletic director and prison psychologist. With 54 years, Boom Boom has a wealth of experiences, not just sports: a father of four, a divorcee, and a crisis before he reached a conviction for fraudulent bankruptcy he experienced.

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For good behavior and commitment to Baker Prison activities, he may be released on parole after he has served half his sentence. The Germans would surely wish him that.

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