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Giorgia Mascitti presents at Spazio Sei with “Spremuta d’incubo”

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Saturday, January 21st at 6 p.m Georgia Massetti The exhibition of contemporary art “Spremuta d’incubo” opens. In this first solo show, curated by Marcella Russo, the artist presents site-specific works, works that shock the viewer for more than one reason. For the subjects, first of all but also for their scenographic setting in particular, which sees the nine large vertical cards descending from the ceiling and occupying the entire space of the exhibition with a special scenographic setting. Large graphite drawings invite the viewer to raise the threshold of attention, stimulating careful reading of the details skillfully crafted by the artist, creating a tension between hallucination and reality. The series of works gives the idea of ​​a God with omnipotent power and without knowing why, as chaos and irrationality suddenly become the constants of the world.

These large cards, which almost create a kind of maze, are populated mostly with faceless characters, strange animals, anthropomorphic entities, and monsters attributed to the Middle Ages rather than contemporary animal fauna. Superheroes? Robots? Junk? Unspecified hybrids, elements of ’80s video games, all set in urban landscapes or glimpses of nature, surreal but entirely believable worlds. They are dystopian, in ruins, hallucinatory, cataclysmic, frightened, and finally, as mentioned above, the apocalypse, in which the end seems palpably imminent.” , as defined by Maria Letizia Bayato in her critical text dedicated to the exhibition.

The title is inspired by the essay “The Stone of Madness” by Chilean Benjamin Lapatot, which Masetti’s work seems to be similar to. Indeed, there are many parallels and similarities in concept between the scenarios described in Lapatot’s words and those described in the artist’s portraits. Visits by appointment. Contacts: Email [email protected], Telephone. 334/6407012. It can be visited from January 21 to February 26.

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