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Gian Maria Tosatti was also awarded the Spazio Taverna Prize

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Gian Maria TosattiArtist of the moment – after Italy Pavilion Venice Biennale, appointment as trustee of every four years, the next exhibition inBikuka Barn – He also wins Taverna Prize, supported by EIIS (European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability) e da Taverna area, Format created by Ludovico Brattisi and Marco Bassan. Seven artists competed for the prize: the winner, Silvia Giamproni, Namsal Sedlici, Giulia Sensi, Alessandro Biangiamore, Cesare Petroyosti (who nevertheless withdrew from the competition), Gianluca Brando; All champions of the 2020-2021 season from Spazio Taverna with their proposals for expertise. In fact, the award had to be given according to the performing artistry which is considered the most interesting among those made in the last season. Andrea Jeremyčka, General Manager of EIIS (a company dealing with research, consultancy and training), in a dialogue – confrontation with Pratesi and Bassan, awarding the award to forbidden partyDialogue between work Gian Maria Tosatti and Jazman Pascual Inarella, dating back to January 11, 2021. The experience has gone beyond the rules but with the aim of creating value, in memory of A very special story related to the former Soviet Union. When in that country it was forbidden to listen to foreign music, two boys from Odessa began recording American hit songs on x-ray boards. ”

Taverna Prize in Rome

Gian Maria Tostati and Tavern Talisman

In addition to the victory wage, the acquisition of labor reverse i (pastels and gold leaf on paper, 2017), Spazio Taverna proposes the first edition of Talisman Taverncommissioned the artist to make a talisman for the city. Made by CōDICECS—a artisanal company in the capital, specializing in jewelry associated with history and archeology, with a push toward art and design—the amulet was produced in silver plated with palladium, a metal more precious than gold. open letter Italy art workers – In a light and sarcastic tone, Tostati depicts himself with the papal crown and blesses the rectum of the incantation. During the award ceremony on November 23, 202, he joked about the possible papal name and declared that he was hesitant between two options: Pope Francis II or Pope Gian Maria I. : a ring with a seal, like real popes.

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Gian Maria Tosatti, Talisman Tavern with Papal Tiara
Gian Maria Tosatti, Talisman Tavern with Papal Tiara

Gian Maria Tostati and the Papal Crown

In fact, the decision to withdraw in the papal appearance stems from an episode that lived through Dynamo CampIt is the first recreational and therapeutic activity in Italy that supports the right to happiness for children suffering from serious or chronic diseases. While participating in the camp, the artist disguised himself as a daddy, playing on the memory of himself as a child: as a child, in fact, he dreamed of becoming a daddy. Above all, the artist was in a reception room EIIS was presented to the first edition of Talismano Taverna, in the magnificent courtyard to photograph Movie A Spanish production where Franco Nero plays, ironically, only the Pope.

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