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Ghostbusters: Firehouse, the first poster to “freeze” the iconic logo!

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Ghostbusters: Legacy

This week marks the 39th anniversary of Ghostbusters And this year, the next movie in the series, the well-received untitled sequel, Ghostbusters: Firehouse. Ghostbusters: Afterlifewhich we know by title Ghostbusters: LegacyIt will make the Christmas season more spooky. Now, in honor of Ghostbusters On Thursday, the date the original comic debuted at 1984the first poster for the untitled sequel is one that’s sure to make any ghoul, ghost, or specter pop.

The poster posted on various social media pages to Ghostbusters, is the franchise’s classic logo featuring a cartoonish ghost running through a “forbidden” symbol. However, this time the ghost seemed to be completely frozen. This may indicate that the film will take place during the winter months, possibly even around Christmas. This would make sense given the release date just set over the Christmas holidays.

Ghostbusters: Legacy 2

What is the theme of the new Ghostbusters movie?

There is still a lot of apocalyptic mystery surrounding the plot of this new movie Ghostbusters. It still doesn’t even have an official title even though the project was constantly referred to as “Firehouse”. Obviously, this refers to the iconic headquarters by Ghostbusters in New York. What we do know about this sequel is that it will be a direct continuation of hereafter Is that McKenna GraceAnd Finn WolfhardAnd Carrie Coon And Paul Rudd They are back for this new adventure. Includes new cast Kumail NanjianiAnd Patton OswaltAnd James Exeter And Emily Alyn Lind. in the afterlife It was revealed that Coon Callie was Egon’s granddaughter and her children Phoebe and Trevor, played by Grace and Wolfhard, were ready to start the next generation of Ghostbusters. Afterlife’s post-credits scene also featured Winston Who Ernie Hudson brings the famous Echo-1 back to the old New York Fire Department headquarters. It is not known if Hudson will return for the new movie alongside his co-stars Bill Murray And Dan Aykroyd.

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sequel to Ghostbusters: Lagacywhich bears the working title Ghostbusters: Firehouseis still expected to hit theaters later this year on December 20, 2023. In addition, the sequel will be shown in the same month as other high-profile projects such as How Wonka And Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Ghostbusters: Firehouse It will be directed by Gil Keenan and will be based on a screenplay he co-wrote Jason Reitman. The next chapter in the Spengler family story will also see the return of the main cast, including Carrie Coon, Paul Rudd, and McKenna Grace, who was actually the first female cast member to confirm her return. It was previously confirmed that the sequel will officially return to New York City, the original setting of the franchise.

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