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GF Vibe, Eduardo is replaced by the words of Antonella: “You really have me …”

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In the last few hours in the House of the Gf Vip Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi there has been another confrontation.

Yesterday evening Eduardo Donamaria and Antonella Fiordelesi, After ending the relationship for the thousandth time, they approached again. Despite the success he raised different reactions. For many outside the Casa del Gf Vip, in fact, Eduardo’s gesture seemed like a genuine farewell Not as a reconciliation.

Separating themselves from the rest of the group, they meet in the garden to talk about their relationship and what happened. At some point, the givino got up and approached Antonella. He hugged and caressed her, then got up again and walked away.

GF Vibe, Eduardo Displaced by Antonella’s Words

However, after this gesture by Eduardo towards Antonella, the two had another clash in the last few hours. It all started with a request from Vippona To be able to change partners in the choreography they have to perform next. So, instead of staying with Eduardo, he would ask to be paired with Andrea Maestrelli.

After that, the two resumed the discussions of the past days and what they said yesterday evening. Eduardo, after listening to all his ex-girlfriend’s considerations last night, finally came out.

And I explained to her that in all her speeches, and in all the two hours in which she spoke to herself, she had never made a sentence in which she recognized her faults. He just pointed it out. To which Antonella, hearing these things, said to her, Givino warned him of “the truth.”:”you lost meWill it really be so or will the two of them make peace again?

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