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Get your cloud space at a 70% discount

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Looking for abundance Cloud space To save your data? Internext It is a cloud storage service that currently rewards new customers by offering… 70% discount On all cloud storage plans, which saves a lot of space.

Moreover, we point out that Internxt has always paid close attention to privacy and security, so you do not have to fear for the safety of your precious data.

Enough cloud space with Internxt

We live in an era where data security has become a top priority. InternextRealizing this, we offer plans designed to meet all your storage needs, with… Very abundant cloud space.

Each of these plans has interesting features and services dedicated solely to privacy. Let's see how much these plans cost:

  • Cloud space from 200 GB for only 13.79 eurosInstead of 45.99 euros;
  • Cloud space from 2TB for only €32.99Instead of 109.99 euros;
  • Cloud space from 5TB for only €59.99Instead of 199.99 euros;
  • Cloud space from 10TB for only €89.99Instead of 299.99 euros.

With these really cheap plans, you can no longer do without Internxt to protect your data and privacy. If you think that somewhere else you will find it Better quality/price ratioyou are wrong.

You should know that Internxt has hired cybersecurity experts to create the website Cloud storage service High quality. All work is focused on preventing hackers from stealing user data.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of people have long used this service to store their data in the cloud.

However, we invite you not to think too much about it, because the current offer 70% discount It is a limited time and prices may return to standard prices. Click the button below, choose the plan that suits you and save all your data!

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