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Germany and France expel dozens of Russian diplomats and Berlin: “They are services.” Moscow: “We will respond appropriately”

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Germany And the France to hit Russia On the diplomatic front. Monday afternoon Berlin she has 40 people expelled from the Russian embassy And after a short time it was Paris for hunting 35 from its territory. News of the decision taken by the government Olaf Schulze have already circulated on Build That assumed the expulsion of up to 100 members of the institutions flies Throughout the week, but the executive branch anticipated the dates set by the newspaper with the announcement of the forty diplomats ‘Ungracious people’. The announcement came directly from the Secretary of State, Annala Barbuk: “These are the people who worked here in Germany every day against our freedom and against hang in there to our company – he said – We will not tolerate this anymore“.

After informing the government’s decision to the Russian ambassador to Germany, Sergey NathaevBarbock added that “photos of Bucha They bear witness to the sheer brutality of the Russian leadership and those who follow its propaganda,” adding that even the work of those who have been expelled “poses a threat to those seeking protection with us.” We will not tolerate that anymore. This is what we told the Russian ambassador this afternoon.”

Diplomats, who according to the executive branch are actually part of the intelligence Kremlinthey have 5 days to leave the country: “We have selected 40 people we believe work for Russian intelligence,” the German interior minister said, Nancy Visser. “We have decided that these people should leave our country as soon as possible,” he added. The minister said that the German authorities are very clear about the means used by the Russian intelligence and that the time is now Protect yourself from spyingThe lies and the war propaganda Russian. We will not allow this war of aggression and criminality to be fought even in one form information war In Germany “.

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Shortly after the Berlin decision came the Élysée’s decision to expel 35 diplomats whose activities were deemed “contrary to the interests” of Paris, the French Foreign Ministry explained.

The two decisions provoked the reaction of Russian diplomacy with Moscow will respond “appropriately” For France’s decision, as reported by the Russian Foreign Ministry. Regarding the “hostile” expulsion of Russian diplomats by Berlin, they made it clear Relationships will “deteriorate” between Russia and Germany. “The irrational reduction of diplomatic personnel at Russian missions in Germany will limit the space for maintaining dialogue between our two countries, which will lead to a further deterioration in Russian-German relations,” the embassy said in a note on the Russian Telegram in Berlin.

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