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Geothermal Probes Decree, New Rules

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The Ministry of Environmental Transformation signed the decree regulating for the first time at the national level the procedures for the local use of geothermal heat for stations up to 100 kilowatts. Here’s the news


How small geothermal rules are changing

( – Simplification puzzle was introduced at the beginning of the year with Energy Decree (DL March 1, 2022, No. 17). In the last days of the Draghi government, the Minister of Environmental Transition Roberto Cingolani I actually fell for the expected Geothermal Sensors Decreededicated to small geothermal energy. The DM was created with the aim of defining requirements for the installation of geothermal sensors intended for air conditioning in buildings. By defining the cases in which it is applied Simplified licensing procedure (PAS) and those in which installation can be considered Free building activity.

Issuance of geothermal ordinances, when plants do not need permits

The MiTE Decree on small geothermal energy states that in order to consider installation work for free intrusions of buildings, closed-circuit geothermal sensors must extend to a depth of no more than 2 meters if horizontal, or 80 meters when vertical. Moreover, the capacity of the geothermal power plant should not exceed 50 kWNor does it alter building sizes or interfere with structural parts.

On the other hand, the simplified authorization procedure is applied to systems with a thermal power of up to 100 kW, whose sensors extend to a depth of 3 meters if horizontal or 170 meters if vertical. However, both types are required to enter a series of data into a file New records remotely Soon they were created by autonomous regions and provinces. Local authorities are also responsible for determining installation control procedures.

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Technical Requirements for Residential Geothermal Power Plants

The geothermal sensors decree links the design of the stations with an estimate Soil thermal parameters By means of a thermal response test (TRT) or a survey campaign to characterize the subsoil. However, for installations less than 50 kW, it is possible to infer these data also by resorting to the assessments and analyzes already available. For those over 50 kW, there is an obligation to send the technical report with the results of the TRT or the results of the survey campaign to the electronic records. Another basic parameter to respect: The carrier fluid should have low environmental impactIt is preferable to drink water with the addition of propylene glycol for food use or another antifreeze. The provision also contains the technical requirements for drilling and the obligation to qualify installers.

Industry Comments on the Geothermal Probes Decree

for Archangel Francesco Violopresident National Council of Geologists (CNG) “This is a turning point for the entire geothermal sector. This is because so far the vast majority of regions have not had an exact reference. This means that the systems could have been installed, but in a situation where one is navigating in the dark about how to delegate them. For this reason, one should First to say that the MiTE decree is positive because it represents that signal that will finally be able to launch the “geothermal energy supply chain” and make it a usable resource for citizens.”

A good step forward, however, could have been aimed higher, he explains ASS – Non-Emission Heating Association. We fully share the value of the decree that seeks to create a minimal simplification, thus launching the electrification path of heat consumption throughout our territory “, pointing to Ricardo Bagni Head of ASS and on behalf of Free Coordination. “Unfortunately, the simplification introduced is only to make it easier to build small and very small factories, excluding condominiums, the third sector, companies and most public administration buildings. We estimate that the simplification introduced in the ordinance will bring less benefits than 15-20% of the potential that can be achieved.

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