Home Economy Gasoline: € 2,111 / liter – worldwide

Gasoline: € 2,111 / liter – worldwide

Gasoline: € 2,111 / liter – worldwide

prices Gas: For service, the average price of gasoline is 2.024 euros / liter (yesterday 2.015) with color systems showing average prices between 1.965 and 2.111 euros / liter (without logo 1.927). The average diesel fuel served increased to €1,904/liter (1895 yesterday) with point-of-sale companies with average prices ranging from €1,844 to €1974/liter (without logo 1.809). LPG prices are also rising and range from 0.828 to 0.857 euros / liter (without logo 0.823). Finally, the average price of CNG cars continues to go up and down, with increases especially for Eni distributors, between 1.753 and 1.885. Reported by Quotidiano Energia.

High price volatility continues Gas In European markets: In Amsterdam, Europe’s reference market, natural gas is moving around €180 per megawatt-hour, up 8% compared to yesterday’s close, when it “rebounded” strongly from its day’s highs. Yesterday, in fact, new records were reached at around 200 euros per megawatt-hour.

Price keeps running Wheat On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Global Reference: Wheat futures, of which Ukraine is one of the world’s largest exporters, is still correcting the historical record and growing by 7% to $1,134 a bushel, the Anglo-Saxon unit of measure used for this type of raw material. Corn prices also rose 3% to $747, the highest level since 2013.

petroleum Always at the highest levels, waiting for developments in Ukraine and after OPEC’s decision to keep the rise in production unchanged. Brent crude traded after a fire above $117 at $116.95 a barrel (+3.56%), while WTI was at $114.56 (+3.58%).

quotes fromgold Always high but steady tonight: the precious metal price is $1,928.27 an ounce, down 0.02%.


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